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13 July 2006

Nominee: [ally]
Nominator: [Ocean Dreaming]


'Writer's Inspiration'

It's an image of a writer in her room, dreaming up a heroic scene from one of her stories.
As [ally] states as her dedication, it's to all writers who have stories in their heads. It's a very lovely depiction of what happens when a lot of us write. All alone with our characters, dreaming as we envision the scene before capturing the first draft on paper...
I think it's a picture that many Elftowners (and not just writers) can relate to. That's why I'm nominating [ally]'s drawing. It captures a part of the soul of the people Elftown was originally created for and it deserves to be seen. ^-^ 

And the Featured Image Bosses agree! Bravo!!

Congradulations, [ally]!!
--[Kyrinn], [Rook], [Teufelsweib] and [Yuriona]--
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