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5 July 2006

Nominee: [The Blonde Witch]
Nominator: [Thunder Cid]


'Tranquility of the Darkness'

A cozy room, reading peacefully; all seems well within the Manor. But the picture above the man, the colors used to decorate the room - all hint that there is something more. Could there be? This is a type of picture that makes you wonder if the artist really wants you to look beneath the surface or to just accept it as a picture and nothing more. Could the sinister smirk of the man more than just a look? Could that book be something someone should not read? All these questions spring to mind about this piece. The use of watercolor gives it a cold, wet feel as well as the use of greens and blues. Notice, there are hardly any warm colors at all, only cool ones. It makes it seem the room is damp and chilling. I think this piece is well done and deserves the attention it creates. 

Congradulations, [The Blonde Witch]!!
--[Kyrinn], [Rook], [Teufelsweib] and [Yuriona]--

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