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22 June 2006

Nominee: [Invisible_Side]
Nominator: [Avrora_Black]


'Fallen Angel'

An angel, a creature of God, which is known as something mystic and powerful. But here it lies fallen on the earth; beaten. When you look at it you know that there’s a story behind it, and that this is just the end. The stake which is thrusted in it’s back has a necklace with a cross wrapped around it. When you look at this art piece you start to wonder: ‘what could have happen here?’ and it actually drags you in it. The sky reflects the sad happening; it makes you pity the poor angel. Don’t you want to grab his outstretched hand and help him?
The fact that it’s made in pencil and not in colour tells a lot about it, something which was a good choice to do so. Truly a great work of art that captures the sad and defeated feeling that is being portrayed in it.
It looks great, well done!!!

Congradulations, [Invisible_Side]!!
--[Kyrinn], [Teufelsweib] and [Yuriona]--

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