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8 May 2006

Nominee: [alexiuss]
Nominator: [Lerune]


Description by artist:: "Grim sentinel transversed through the long dead, stale air.
Tirelessly searching for signs of life, where it didn't expect to find any,
Between the waves of staticky, bursts of gamma particles.
Its hundreds of tiny eyes, constantly in motion focused on the surroundings, picking up every single motion, every single whisper,
examining the terrain and forwarding the data.
Its breath irradiated hellish heat that ruptured metal and cooked stone with screeching booms, breaking the still melody of absolute silence.
Fire danced through the dead monoliths, erasing the last of ancient memories.
The mechanical nightmare descended, vibrating and interlocking its metallic skin,
probing the surface with beams of blinding light.

There was something amiss here.
Something clearly alive was staring back.
Time consumed: 3 days = 40+- hours
Software used: Painter 9 and Photoshop CS
Hardware used: Wacom Intuos 6x8 tablet
Real size: 11000x4000"

All I can say is “Wow!” At first glance of this one I could not see this thing, this thing that is alive, but then the picture draws back, showing the epic scale of this piece and I can see it. The use of light against dark works greatly to its effect, showing the lights of the buildings as well as the reflection of the fiery nightmare that is over it. There is a sense of awe and dread because of the tilted angle looking up, as if seeing it through the eyes of a terrified spectator on the ground.

Seeing the time, effort and hardware this artwork took, I am in awe of the abilities of the artist. Very good job!!

Congradulations, [alexiuss]!!
--[Kyrinn] and [Yuriona]--

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