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26 October 2004


"Náriël's Mother" by [The Blonde Witch] (nominated by [Salwénië])

This portrait of fellow Elftowner [Melocrie]'s character's mother (did you get all that?) is a beautifully rendered watercolour picture. What really stands out about the half-angel, half-elf is her stunning costuming and the kindly expression on her face. I love the colours in the folds of the cloth, as well as the design and detail. Meanwhile, with the face, the shape of the eyes and the lips compliment eachother so well in a subtle, effective way. Attention also must be drawn to the hands. While they seem a little small, the shape of them is nearly perfect. Well-done hands are always a point of admiration in my book, and these are done very well. This is the first winged creature that [The Blonde Witch] had ever tried, and she has a good start with these, already showing an ability to layer the feathers well.

Congratulatiosn, [The Blonde Witch], and keep up to good work!


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