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18 August 2004


"Loopy" by [petri] (nominated by [Insane Cultist])

This dragon manifested in the spring of 2003, out of a need to create something that wasn't related with school projects. A friend made a simple suggestions, "Make a dragon! Call it Loopy!" And thus, Loopy was born, starting with a sketch and then fleshing him out with watercolour paints, which blend beautifully with colours intented to represent fury and rage, although the colour choice was not planned and a product of what felt right at the moment. [petri]'s intuition of the moment was right on, because I can't imagine the picture having the effect it does with any other colours. Loopy was also used as a graduation presentation, under a slightly more appropriate title of Hin håle ([petri] expressed how evil he thinks the dragon looks). It was also submitted for an application to an art school, but was rejected. They still haven't returned it, though. We should plan to unleash the fury of Loopy upon them and get him back.

Congratulations, [petri], and keep up the good work!


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