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22 July 2004


"80 Watts' Last Stand" by [Slush_Puppy] (nominated by [Bonedust])

My aunt has a very strong fondness for penguins, and she has them all over her house, which developed in me a strong discomfort for them. They kind of creeped me out. And this Brian Jacques-inspired art (he's the guy who wrote the Redwall books) by [Slush_Puppy] only seems to make that discomfort stronger. Doodling in class (as so many great masterpieces start), an image of online friend 80 Watt in armour started to surface. A whole eighteen hours later, this equally humourous and disturbing image was created. Not only is it technically sound, but there's that impressive attention to detail that surfaces in many Featured Arts. You simply have to have respect for an artist willing to sit down and whittle out all those penguins with her pencil, most of them in what looks like chainmail armour, none-the-less! It's a stunning endevour, expertly executed, an extremely created piece of art.

Congratulations, [Slush_Puppy], and keep up the good work!

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