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21 July 2004


"Embrace" by [Hanako] (nominated by [BakaBunny])

Disgustingly cute, isn't it? While I realize it may be hard to get past the impossibly adorable large eyes, the undeniably heart-warming smiles, and the overwhelming "awwww!" quality to it, [Hanako]'s rendering of herself and an ex-boyfriend is a very well-done piece of sweetness. It was her first venture into computer art, done with Photoshop and a mouse, to which automatically makes the straight, strong lines admirable (a mouse can be so touchy!). The colours are vibrant, to match the mood of the piece, and the eyes are done well to capture a real, palpable emotion. The attention to detail with things like her skirt and his hair are really strong points that make this picture not only a testiment to adorability, but also a display of talent and skill.

Congratulations, [Hanako], and keep up the good work!

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2004-07-23 [fireknight]: i love this picture the most out of all of them

2006-07-25 [Hanako]: |D Ahhhh this picture makes me laugh now... Back in the days when I didn't understand anatomy :D

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