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16 July 2004


"I Didn't Mean To!" by [Lyndarsia] (nominated by [Amerthyst])

Although this picture is an older one, in an older style, there's no denying the power in the story that accompanies it. It's a general, common theme for vampire tales, but there's a reason why it's so common. There's just something touching about the remorse a vampire (in this case, the male in the drawing, Ryu) after feeding on a friend (this time around, the beautiful Kara) in an uncontrolable blood-thirty frenzy. [Lyndarsia], the artist, mentions that a more updated scene will appear in the finalized version in the comic in which they appear. Here's to hoping that it retains some of the finer qualities of this image. It's the pain in Ryu's eyes that stands out, surely to transend into any version of the scene that [Lyndarsia] goes with.

Congratulations, [Lyndarsia], and keep up the good work!


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