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7 July 2004


"Lena's Angel" by [PhoenixSilverDark] (nominated by [Estella Brandybuck])

Perhaps Internet quizzes aren't so pointless after all. After her friend Lena took a quiz, it became revealed that Lena was an angel of death, with wings of blue and a sword of flame, and [PhoenixSilverDark] set to the task of illustrating this alternate persona. The actual image of Lena is also fictional, based entirely on [PhoenixSilverDark]'s mental image of her 'net friend which she had never met. The style is astounding, sleek and unique. The creativity in the wings (inspired heavily by "J-rock" bands like Dir en Grey and Gackt) would be enough to grant this picture recognition, but attention can also be drawn to the costuming, the hair, and the sword to display the fine work that went into the picture. It's simply gorgeous. [PhoenixSilverDark] expressed a desire to colour it and I think she should really work on making this marvelous image even better.

Congratulations, [PhoenixSilverDark], and keep up the good work!

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