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9 June 2004


"Beware" by [kayo] (nominated by [Shadowed raven])

An attempt to capture something coming out of the water created an image by [kayo] that reminds me much of a certain type of spirit, the spirit of a woman was a brutally murdered and had her soul sentenced away to a nearby body of water. The spirit would remain in that body of water, occational revealing herself seductively to male travellers who wandered by, to lure them into the water and drown them just as horribly as their own death was. [kayo] mentioned how she tried to pour her own emotions into the picture, to ensure a strong sense of sorrow and warning in her eyes, as if a spirit could be remorseful of her destiny. I'm not sure if that storyline was what she had in mind, but it certainly seems like an apt possibility behind this beautiful, enigmatic woman. I love how the black was used to set off a grim tone, both in the background and the markings on her pale skin. It's a simple, beautiful piece, worthy of this recognition.

Congratulations, [kayo], and keep up the good work!

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