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29 May 2004


"The Silent Siren" by [FetishFaerie] (nominated by [LisaFaerie])

This hasn't been the first piece of art to show up here that turned out to be, as [FetishFaerie] puts it "a happy accident." It started as an experiment, taking three seperate photographs that she had taken herself and merging them together: some rocks and seaweed from New Jersey and a picture of herself. The result also sparked a little story:

"The brilliant, burning ball of fire in the sky slipped up above the horizen, its brazen fingers of yellow-gold caressing each rippling wave, permeating the dark cloak of night and unraveling it from its fraying edges. The solitary wakeful being watched, mute and unblinking, as her tail curled unbeknownst on the smoothed surface of a slowly heating rock, relishing the heat of a long-awaited morning. The unnatural hue of her gaze shifted, lightening as the water became illuminated by the incandescence of the rising sun - and she recalled, silently, as a solitary tear formed in the corner of one eye, the legend that her mother had passed on to her. 'We swim in an ocean of salty tears, my sweet - begun by our ancestors, fed by our own sadness - for all those lives lost in the turgid fury of our home, beckoned from the safety of their boats by our inescapable song....''"

They both compliment eachother very well in their beauty and originality.

Congratulations, [FetishFaerie], and keep up the good work!

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