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21 May 2004


"An Inspired Character" by [Peregrinus] (nominated by [Hackworth])

There's an interesting cycle to some things. The Featured Art was created to give recognition to the artists that inspire us, and here is a Featured Art that was inspired by a previous entry. Seeing this feature work in such a powerful way is refreshing and, well, inspiring! [Peregrinus] created this fellow based on a city scene seen in the Featured Art long ago by [tankerman], perhaps as another seedy character that would fit in with the setting. It was a little new for [Peregrinus], sketchier than normal, but it turned out well, particularly with the shading the the work on the man's hair. Personally, I love the way the hat is shaped and the manner in which his clothes hand on his slight frame. See what great things can happen when Elftowners trive on eachother so productively?

Congratulations, [Peregrinus], and keep up the good work!

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