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17 May 2004


"Fable" by [Dirty DaVinci] (nominated by [Calico Tiger])

"What if all of the fables and fairy-tales we ever heard has some shred of truth, from something, somewhere?" This musing by [Dirty DaVinci] (as well as the fable of a girl named Amy working in the food service industry) served as the basis for this stunning portrait. The near-perfect photorealism in this picture is a true testiment to the hard work he placed into it, a process he refers to as "mechanical," perfecting one area before moving along to the rest until it developed into the beautiful piece of work it is today. Her features are practically perfect, rendered so well that I can't help but wonder if it's really a black and white photograph with a delicate accent of green eyes added. However, it truly is a creation of layers of graphite and carbon, and it is excellently done. Beautiful, stunning, breathtaking...choose your adjective; all of them aptly apply.

Congratulations, [Dirty DaVinci], and keep up the good work!

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