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One of the characters from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” that took some getting used to was Anya. Formerly a Vengeance Demon, Anya ends up being trapped as a mortal without any of her powers, and ends up becoming a part of the Scooby-Gang. Eventually she and Xander begin dating, which pretty much seals her in as one of the official Buffy characters. Anya becomes lovable in her own way as a brash sex-addict whose fears are often a source of comedy. In the episode “Fear, Itself,” Anya is compelled to dress up for Halloween, and in doing so, she dresses up as her greatest fear in all the worlds; the bunny rabbit.

The Fear, Itself Anya figure is actually an interesting sculpt. Firstly, it is a figure that comes with the Bunny Costume. The figure itself features Anya in a red shirt that bares her midsection, a pair of blue-jeans, and a pair of black sandals. Each of Anya’s nails, including her toenails, is painted to match the red of her shirt. Around Anya’s neck is her Amulet; a diamond-shaped gold and green charm on a gold chain. Personally, I don’t think that the face of the Fear, Itself Anya figure looks too much like Emma Caulfield, but the Bunny Costume certainly hides that fact. 

Big, white, soft and poofy, the Bunny Costume that comes with the Fear, Itself Anya figure is somewhat difficult to put on the figure. The suit, despite looking baggy, is actually pretty tight on the figure, especially around the legs and feet. The Bunny Costume features a large, pink spot on the chest and the same pink on the insides of the ears, which come separate from the body of the Bunny Costume in the form of a sort of hood. 

Articulation for this figure isn’t great, but it really doesn’t need to be when Anya is dressed up in the Bunny Costume. Points of articulation include her neck, shoulders, elbows, waist, hips and knees. However, when in the Bunny Costume, there isn’t much of an option for pose-ability with this figure.

Accessories for the Fear, Itself Anya figure include a small, gray rabbit (presumably Mini-Rex) that has a few black patches on it. Also included with this figure is a round stand, which looks like the floor from the building in “Fear, Itself.” 

Because the Fear, Itself Anya figure is so versatile in that the Bunny Costume is removable, I do recommend this figure for fans who wish to use it for play or else for display. 

/ [Nioniel]

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