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Year Round |USA|Evansville Indiana| Fated LARP I will put up the web address when we have it up.

Fated is a live action role play, it is a 24 hour even starting Saturday at around noon to the next day. Clean up occurs afterward and players are welcomed to meet up after the event at a restaurant where they can chat, get to know the other players, and share feedback (restaurant is chosen before the event closes).
The game is a fantasy role play where we can do individual personal plots or you can play with others on major mods. We tend to have extra weapons which we will provide at the first event. Try to come in costume. Fated is a club with $20 optional monthly dues. Paying dues allows you to play as your own character rather than as plot-directed NPCs (non-player characters) and monsters.


Sabra Barker @ for more info

Or contact the owner Alex Love @ 1-812-521-3704 for additional information and directions to get to the event.

Next Event dates are the following:

Oct 19 2010
Nov 27 2010
Dec 23 2010

Don't hesitate to leave any questions below in the comment boxes either.

Username (or number or email):


2009-12-20 [Amanda Bastian]: that's sweet :)

2009-12-20 [Silver Moon]: Thanks if you ever end up around here it would be fun to have you there

2009-12-20 [Amanda Bastian]: hm... wish I could go but parents are over protective... you also have to be careful who you invite. ya never know :( One reason why I don't post where I go and where I live. even people here on ET are sex stalkers. *shivvers* please be careful, k?

2009-12-20 [Silver Moon]: I know that. I am part of plot so I am always with friends who are protective. No one is ever alone during the game and if people head to the restroom we go in pairs for protection purposes. Thanks for the concern though. We are trying to advertise as much as we can. We have the goal of collecting at least 5 new players before the January event.

2009-12-20 [Amanda Bastian]: good ^_^
that's awesome. keep it that way

2009-12-20 [Silver Moon]: we do ^-^ so your parents are overly protective?

2009-12-21 [Gypsy Mystik]: ^_^

2009-12-31 [Amanda Bastian]: yesh >.<

2010-01-03 [Silver Moon]: I'm sorry

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