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Fashion Photography

Welcome to Fashion Photography!

Fashion photography is not as easy as all the magazines make it look. This page will give you some insight in what to do and what definately not to do.

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What is it all about?

Well, fashion photography is more than just taking a simple pic of someone with clothes on. The picture is in the first place meant to make you buy clothes or at least feel so attracted to it that you want to go take a look. It's a way to show the people out there what the designers have created this year for us. But there is more. When you buy a random magazine, let's say Vogue, you can see that lots of pics are not only showing the clothes, but are showing a lifestyle, the way to live when you wear the clothes. It's all marketing baby.


The Do's

Well, there are a few big Do's. Be original, be creative, be sexy and be daring. When I look at a picture, I need a big 'wow' effect. I myself am no fan of the Diesel concept, but the pictures are a great idea. All those people in the jungle, it really struck me. Use contradictions, that always works.

Don't worry if you're not a great photographer, there's always such a thing called Photoshop (I use this little tool a lot...;-)) which you can use to better your pictures; restore colour balances and light in your photo. Or play with the effects of course. But be modest with effects, it'll only make your picture strange and unnatural.

The key to a good fashion pic is mostly that the viewer has an: 'Ah like that' effect. You see, pictures are mostly being made to capture a feeling. Fashion photography is no different, a person must see the picture and think: 'Hey that's what I want people to think of me aswell. I will buy that G-star skirt because I will look cool then.'


The Don'ts

The big error that people usually make is bad light in the picture. It usually makes your pictures vague and it looks like there's a lot of crums in it. Always make sure you have the sun in your back when you are making a picture! That usually will prevent lots of mistakes with light. Try to get as many diffuse light as possible. Direct sunlight might look nice on your vacationpics when you want people to see how hot it was and you had a glowing face because of the heath, in fashion photography this is not done. Always make sure your model has a bit of make up on when the sun shines.

Some people have the luck (me ;-)) that they have a room with diffuse light. If you use it wisely it will give you a wonderful effect on your picture.


Where can you find fashion photography?

The internet is a perfect place for finding good photo's. Of course, magazines like Vogue and Elle are like bibles. Be sure to check them out regularly to find the latest trends in fashion photography.

But not only magazines are a good way to see what's happening. Just browse trough the big international fashion names, they will show you the moves.

And of course there are many good pages. Just type in 'fashion photography' at Google and you'll get plenty.

However, there is one man I'd like to add seperately to this list: Guy Bourdin. His photograhy really changed the ways of photography. At you can find some of his work, and if you're a citizen of Holland, be sure to speed to the FOAM in Amsterdam, because there is an exposition on his work there!


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