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Fantasy Writing Contest

Welcome to the Fantasy Writing Contest! Now, for those who want to enter here are the rules:

Rules:(Some of these rules are it is safe for younger readers)

1. NO copying someone else's work (must be your own idea)
2. NO sexual content
3. MUST be fantasy
4. NO vile(bad) language (making it safe for younger viewers)
5. ONLY ONE entry per person

Rewards shall be created later and shall be posted within this wiki.

Closed and Ready For Judging

Here's an example on how i want you all to write/type. It doesn't exactly have to be like mine. Just be descriptive with your words.: Immortal Faith: Proven Worth

The more description and characterizations you have the more you have the chance in winning, but in the end you are also going to be judged on your grammer (keep that in mind).


1.[hopscotchnerd]I feel so lonely
2.[Bipolar Nonsense]


1. Username:[Duhe Rahn]
Wiki containing your prologue: Duhe Rahn story # 1

2. Username: [Wednesday]
Wiki containing your prologue: Finding home story

3. Username: [Ramirez]
Wiki containing your prologue: To Be Free

Username (or number or email):


2006-12-18 [Bipolar Nonsense]: like...there can't be any 'sex' crap. lol. I don't want nudity

2006-12-18 [Danboo]: i mean like kisses

2006-12-18 [Bipolar Nonsense]: that's allowed ^_^

2006-12-18 [Danboo]: ok then, whats the max length

2006-12-18 [Bipolar Nonsense]: doesn't matter really. Just can't get too out of hand

2006-12-18 [Danboo]: ok

2006-12-18 [Bipolar Nonsense]: ^_^

2006-12-18 [Danboo]: ugh, hand cramp

2006-12-19 [Bipolar Nonsense]: I hate those lol

2006-12-19 [Danboo]: ugh

2006-12-19 [Bipolar Nonsense]: I get them all the time
I hope it goes away for you

2006-12-19 [Danboo]: it will

2006-12-20 [Kaimee]: So, this is a contest for "High Fantasy", not modern or speculative fantasy? You want knights, dragons and elves right? :P

2006-12-20 [Bipolar Nonsense]: Yep ^^

2007-01-22 [The Dragon Daddy]: So what exactly does a reptile have to do to sign up?

2007-01-23 [Bipolar Nonsense]: All you need to do is put up the prologue to your story up there with your username... that's pretty much it

Then we wait for the deadline to pop up so judging can take place.

2007-01-24 [The Dragon Daddy]: Alrighty then (..wanders off with quill in hand....)

2007-01-24 [Bipolar Nonsense]: ^_^ lol Have fun.

2007-03-25 [Fire Panther]: Will get a prologue up as soon as I get a few moments to do so, I've got some ideas for a story :)

2007-03-25 [Bipolar Nonsense]: okay. ^_^ that works.

2007-06-30 [Ramirez]: -coughs into hand- ...Dare I join? I'm kind of curious how well a short story of mine would do against other great writers.

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