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Welcome to the second contest hosted by the ladies at The Old Wiki Candy Shop! The theme for this contest is Fantasy Sweets. In other words, what sort of delectable dishes would an orc serve up to satisfy his sweet tooth, what would a Hobbit bake up for a familly gathering? We want to see a fantasy creature or race of your choice baking up, holding or eating their favorite sweet treat (made up by you of course) and the recipe for that dish! Have fun and good luck!


1. The Elftown Uploading Art Rules apply to this contest with the following exceptions:
   A.  No nudity or sexual content
   B.  No violence of any kind
   C.  No vulgarity

2. No spamming, flaming or foul language in the comment box.
3. Colaborations are welcome!

Winners will be chosen by a poll consisting of 10 finalists hand-picked by the ladies of The Old Wiki Candy Shop and the residents of Shady Hollow. The first place winner will be displayed in the Candy Shop!

The DEADLINE will be 30 entries. Each participant is allowed up to 2 entries.



1. [JajaJulie] - A Ducks Ideal Icecream
This cone may not have what were used to but it's the perfect treat for a duck! It has pretty much all their cravings such as grass, fish, fish eggs, worms, lettuce, duck pellets, bugs, bread and corn!

2.[LinkTurrner] -Vampire icecap
It's ice cream blood, with a gree acid whip cream and to top it off and eye ball!

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- Shady Hollow
- Contests Hosted by Lothuriel
- MC


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2009-01-23 [Skydancer]: I dont know but I took it to do a photoshoot in character while makeing a huge mess on film. :D

2009-01-23 [Misty Lady]: No nudity is acceptable in Shady Hollow.

2009-01-23 [Skydancer]: Opps, sorry about that, did not see any restriction on that. Many fantasy being are quite unconcerned about natural or incidental nudity.

2009-02-02 [Lothuriel]: So, should I add that restriction, Misty? I did not know that artistic nudity was not allowed.

I will change the rules then, if you want you can change it back later.

2009-02-04 [Misty Lady]: I am probs being a silly old beggar...just go ahead with waht you thinks is okay...its fine with me. Must have been having a grouchie moment lol...sorry. Sorry Skydancer.

2009-02-04 [Skydancer]: Never a problem, I have great respect for folks wishes. :)

2009-02-06 [Misty Lady]: I know you do and so do I but I was rather abrubt and I apologise for that...I guess I am so protective of my Shady Hollow...probs because it is going to be my first novel for kids.

2009-02-06 [Skydancer]: Perfectly understandable. Now that we know what its about, we can adapt any entries to suit. :)

2009-02-07 [Misty Lady]: Other people have made the Candy Shop a success and I am grateful to them for that.

2009-02-09 [Misty Lady]: I love the duck

2009-02-09 [JajaJulie]: Thanks :)

2009-03-05 [JajaJulie]: Haha, many thanks again [Artsieladie] :)

2009-03-17 [Cillamoon]: Can it be a photo of actual food? Or does it have to be "make believe"?

2009-03-17 [Lothuriel]: it can be a pot of real food with a fake description

2009-03-17 [Cillamoon]: Coolness, thank you!

2009-03-17 [Lothuriel]: No problem! ^__^

2009-03-25 [jaraden]: hmmmmmmmmmmmm.. a contest about mystical sweets.... perfect... wait.. no it isn't i hates sweets... never got them as a kid so i never relly got into them... mhhhh........but still, being a dad now i wonder often what my kids imagine as being the ultimate fantasy delacasy... i'll have to ask them this weekend... har har.. that should be fun!!!!

2009-03-25 [Lothuriel]: Awesome!

2009-03-25 [jaraden]: but then the only problem would be to try and render it into an image.. that should be the most tricky part!!! har har!!

2009-04-29 [Lothuriel]: Nice job [LinkTurrner]!

2009-04-29 [LinkTurrner]: thanks

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