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Fantasy Languages and Scripts

A compilation of Guild-supported World and Realm Languages and Info on Fantasy Languages abroad


Fantasy Languages of the Realms and Worlds of the Selenar System, Dungeons & Dragons, and other Fantasy WFR Games:

HalflingTradespeak (Mercantile)
Draconic-Draconic Stonescript
-Draconic Manuscript
-Dragonkin / Kithy
-Mages / Warlocks
-Chromatic accent
-Metallic accent
-Gem/Planar accent
Elven-Elven (High)
-Dysphasian Hieroglyphic
-Aquan / Aquaean
-Grugach (Wylden)
-Dysphasian Hieroglyphic
-Giant Alphabet (Clan Rephaim)
-Ancient Minotaur (Minos)

Common language and script

Draconic Language and Script

Dwarven language and script - Dwarves, Derro, Duergar, Giant Alphabet (some Clan Rephaim speakers), Gnome Language, Goblinoid Languages, Terran Language

Elven language and script

Gnome language and script - Gnomes, Gnomekin, Spriggan, Svirfneblin, (Sylvan v. Terran Gnomes), Gnomads

Halfling language and script - Halflings, Hobbits, Leprechauns, Spritefolk, Little Folk, Wanderers

Avariel Language and Script - Elven Alphabet, Raptorian (Tuuilvilaneual)

Minotaur Language and Script - Common Minoan and Ancient Minos Scripts / Languages

Anakim Language and Script - Yuan-Ti, Naga, Lizardfolk, Annunaki/Anakim, Serpentfolk, Kobolds (anti-Dragon cults)

Githy Language and Script - Githyanki, Githzerai

Chaon Language - Dead Language, no script (nothing corrupt enough to iconize the words/letters)

Laudin Language and Script - Dead Language

Auran Language and Script - Draconic Alphabet

Aquan Language and Script - Elven Alphabet, Aquaean Language & Script

Ignan Language and Script - Draconic Alphabet

Terran Language and Script - Dwarven Alphabet

Celestial Language and Script - Good Outsiders

Infernal Language and Script - Lawful Evil Outsiders/Allies

Abyssal Language and Script - Chaotic Evil Outsiders/Allies

Titanic Language and Script - Clan Rephaim, High Rephaim, Titanic, Dwarven Alphabet & Titanic Alphabet, Horamont Giantfolk

Goblin Language and Script - Goblins & Goblinoids, Orcs, Gnolls

Sylvan Language and Script - Sidhe / Unsidhe, Elven Language, Goblin Language

Druidic Language and Script - Secret Language, Druidic Alphabet, from Elohim Language

Undercommon Language and Script - Drow, Derro, Duergar, Illythirii (sp?) / Drowic Language (Drowic Classroom)

Faunar Language and Script - Felynne/Catfolk, Faunarian / Shapeshifters, Sylvan Alphabet, Nym

Kanaalian Language and Script - Kanaal, arabian script, progenitor of Si'iri language and script

Renshunese Language and Script - Renshunan, oriental script

Keraphian Language and Script - Keraphians, Krellians

Arcanthium Language and Sigils - magical language of signs, sigils and seals which the delving mage would utilize for Deep Arcana, High Arcana, True Word, and many other uses. Arcanthium, though powerful, is said to be only fractionally as powerful as Aleph, an unused, and mostly unknown language of semantics and sentience.

Aleph Language, Script and Functions - The first known language, the progenitor of all other Fantasy Languages. It is not a common tongue or script like the others, even including the magical sigils and seals of Arcanthium. Aleph is a mystery to most everything and everyone save for a few rare informed and highly secretive individuals. Aleph is thought to have great power when used properly and dire malignations when used improperly.


See also Grammaticum Primeaval

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2007-11-03 [xido]: Information for the following campaign elements will be separated as follows:
- Jashnia and its Cosmology
- Inath
- the Epicene
- non-Epicene, non-Jashnian Inath campaigns

These campaign setting elements will be split as follows:
- all OGL Content (Game-applicable statistics and openly viewable content) will be posted to the website, - this is due to the material being D&D v3.5 oriented, and because of the potential publication applicability in the future.
- all personalized, unique, WFR-oriented, character-created, non-D&D, non-RPGA, Elftown and non-Elftown WFR content as it applies to the previous elements will be hosted here on Elftown, in the WFR-specific wikipages and settings.

Inath and its inherent portions are part of a potential publication currently unrepresented by any party except [xido] himself. The Grammaticum Primeaval and all its inherent portions are currently represented by Paul Lapidus at New Funtiers, .

2008-03-25 [xido]:

Update: All fantasy languages are represented personally by [xido]'s company: xidoraven studios

Content will be compiled and edited by the Krewe of Harpocrates, and multimedia and conceptual arts will be developed mutually between the 'Hara' and the Krewe of Comus (both from the xsnet).

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