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Fantasy King



Welcome to Fantasy King. The game where your imaginiation is free! So come in. Join in the battles! Choose your place, make your charater and a legacy to go with it!


Learn how to play at Fantasy King FAQ

Make your Character at FK Characters


Our newest battle arena! FK Battle Arena Lunhai The setting of this battle arena is the dead of night in the middle of a mystical forest, A large area has been cleared out for the battle. This area has no crowd, just you and your components. 4 warriors are aloud to fight in this arena, with the overseer Talen keeping a careful watch.

Warriors participating- Abaddon


The achived battles. Fights of the past! That sadly, forever may remain unfinished.


Fantasy King Coliseum

Check out the oldest fights at The City

See who the FK Affiliates are


Fantasy King Owned by [Carol Lynn].

Former owners: [Starving Artist], and [BobbyRay]


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2004-04-02 [BobbyRay]: good idea bringing fantasy king to the games section starving artist!

2004-04-07 [Anime-Demon]: eh?

2004-04-08 [ERRIN]: ...

2004-04-08 [ERRIN]: is anyone on this or am i talking to my self?

2004-04-08 [ERRIN]: i geuss i am

2004-04-11 [BobbyRay]: Ya i'm here...

2004-04-11 [BobbyRay]: wait come back!

2004-04-12 [Minamoto]: hi I'm new

2004-04-12 [BobbyRay]: then join!

2004-04-13 [Carol Lynn]: Meh?

2004-04-13 [Carol Lynn]: I still can't figure out how to make a character... i clicked on fk characters read it. Now what?

2004-04-13 [BobbyRay]: copy the stats then go to edit and edit in your character! it's not hard people!

2004-04-14 [Carol Lynn]: alright don't bite my head off!

2004-04-21 [cloud.s]: how do I start this game??????

2004-04-22 [BobbyRay]: first sign up! Then go to the city. don't you guys read rules?

2004-04-28 [fireslave]: Nati

2004-04-28 [fireslave]: how do you sign up

2004-04-28 [serena_usagi]: Hello everybody. I'm still trying to figure out how to get into the game.

2004-04-28 [BobbyRay]: duh people to play you sign up in characters section that's a no brainer. To play go to the city! I will create a FAQ since i suppose Starving Artist just gave this page to me (He's my brother). Ask questions there!

2004-04-28 [Starving Artist]: Nope. I guess i can handle this. People, just hold your horses and wait. PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE!!!

2004-05-03 [Czarina]: huh?

2004-05-05 [Carol Lynn]: why is the city not on here?

2004-05-06 [BobbyRay]: You mean why don't we play on this page? If that is what you mean then it's probably because it's just easier to have one page that loads fast link to another that loads slower instead of one page that takes an eternity!

2004-05-06 [BobbyRay]: Oh, wait...I see what you mean...Just a sec I'll go check with my little brother, [Starving Artist]...

2004-05-06 [BobbyRay]: He's rebuilding the page...personally i think he should add a link tot the old arena to. Oh well, I'll just do it for him...:)

2004-05-06 [BobbyRay]: there we go!

2004-05-15 [Starving Artist]: What did you do!? the arena page is to BIG!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

2004-05-15 [BobbyRay]: What do you mean it's soo big? Oh, you mean the City?

2004-05-17 [Carol Lynn]: it only takes me a few sec's to load it...

2004-06-11 [vaso_phoenix]: hello?

2004-06-14 [outlawAngel]: hello im new and dont know what to do

2004-06-17 [Shadow Reaper]: Since no one else seems to be around, i'll explain as best i can. first, you go to fantasy king characters. then you scroll down tell you see the words "edit this page". another smaller screen should pop up. scroll to the bottom of that one and type in your character info. that should be just about it.

2004-06-27 [Lunai]: What happens after you type in your character description?

2004-06-27 [Lunai]: Someone answer my question...

2004-06-28 [Gabreil]: you click submit changes to page and the character just shows up there....

2004-07-12 [MokoFate]: hello

2004-08-29 [kitaro]: im a new traveler...things are a little confusing.

2004-08-31 [Shadow Reaper]: if you have questions, feel free to ask. if one of us doesn't know the answer, someone else most likely will

2004-09-14 [Carol Lynn]: Is this wiki still remotely active?

2004-09-14 [Shadow Reaper]: i'm still watching it...but nobody else has come here for a while

2004-09-14 [Carol Lynn]: I think the owners are neglecting it...aww poor wiki....

2004-09-15 [Shadow Reaper]: possibly...i think they ran off to start a new one, didn't they?

2004-09-15 [Carol Lynn]: ohh geese Starveing was never very acive here and rayboy seems to leave allot of his wiki's. (No ofence to either of them.)

2004-09-15 [Shadow Reaper]: maybe someone should message them and ask if it's alright if someone else takes over least then, maybe it'll get started up again.

2004-09-15 [Carol Lynn]: hmm I can do that.I don't mind haveing another wiki to run.

2004-09-17 [Shadow Reaper]: well, feel free to ask

2004-12-14 [XGPBOT]: hello

2004-12-23 [gizmoo12]: hello? Is anyone here? I would like some ideas for my character

2004-12-23 [Carol Lynn]: Hello

2004-12-24 [Carol Lynn]: What dose anyone think of the page so far?

2005-01-10 [Shadow Reaper]: well, i like the changes made so far....i still have to change my character though....i'm not really made out to be an elf

2005-02-03 [Carol Lynn]: Hmm no one is really doing anything on here...

2005-02-03 [Shadow Reaper]: not yet at any rate.....any suggestions?

2005-02-04 [Carol Lynn]: No ha ha, you?

2005-02-07 [Shadow Reaper]: :P same with me

2005-02-09 [Alyanah]: Hello I am new here

2005-02-09 [Alyanah]: Anyone here?

2005-02-10 [Carol Lynn]: Well hello to you to! Yes I am here hello.

2005-02-17 [BobbyRay]: *coughcough* I wasn't really an owner, just supervising it, lol

2005-02-17 [Carol Lynn]: Sounds like you have a bad cold there [BobbyRay] *cough* so? you are now *cough**cough*

2005-04-13 [Shadow Reaper]: yep, i'm definitely going to change my character soon

2005-04-14 [Shadow Reaper]: obviously no one is intelligent enough to watch the arena, so i shall post here until someone is --'

2005-04-17 [twitchboy]: hey shadow mabey we should ask to run the place

2005-04-17 [Shadow Reaper]: lol you can if you want...i have way too many to watch as it is, plus two or three that i own

2005-07-28 [Carol Lynn]: It amazes me how many people don’t read the damn page Fantasy King Ownerless if you want it it's yours I left it after no one was on it for months but now that it’s active I might as well live up to the game I created. I’ll keep track of what is going on. And be reminded I don’t take any lip.

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