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Wabashiro enters the newly built coliseum. " I wonder if these alabaster/steel mixed pillars will hold under my mighty attacks. More importantly i wonder if my opponents will!" Wabashiro draws his Katana from its Sheath, its razor sharp blade buzzing through the air. "Who will be my first victim?"

As the King (?) surveys his newly erected coliseum, spectators start filling up the empty seats, and the atmosphere becomes charged with expectancy. A young woman with cold blue eyes takes a front row seat near a large gate in the arena wall. After a quick, but subtle glance around at the spectators, she leans forward with her elbows on her thighs and her hands between her knees. 

Carefully she points her left hand towards the earthern floor and her faces her right hand palm up to the sky, and opens her mind to the random thought patterns of the surrounding populous. Another in the crowd startles her out of her mind wanderings. She quickly traces the thought pattern to its maker, and locks eyes with a male on the other side of the arena.

"So, it is you who wishes to a king of a town and skill? very well you shall take the first move but be warned; I may counter or i may not. or i may just dodge and attack. the choice is yours..." His blade now pointing at this anonymous woman. 3,2,1... Come to me my prey.

But then, both of them notice the subtle mental probings of someone one in the stands. The woman finally pinpoints the location of the person who has managed to enter her mind. She looks to her left and sees a sea elf in the stands that she hadn't encountered before. The elf, knowing he has been discovered, slowly walks down towards the arena.

Amused, Jack squated at the entrance to the colluseum, watching the sea elf slowly descend into the arena. Wabashiro was a mighty warrior, and would probably destroy the sea elf in a matter of seconds. Jack had been hunting Wabashiro for two weeks, ever since he had led an attack against the City of the Outcats. Jack shifted his weight, balanced his runed greatsword on his knees and prepared for the bloodshed.

The sea elf, who announces himself as Yakuza, has already noticed Jack with his mental capabilities, but chooses to ignore him for now. His true target is Wabashiro. Yakuza knows that if he can best him, then he will be considered a powerful warrior. He slowly draws his sword and mentally prepares a spell just in case.

Jack watches the two combatants face off, realizing that the sea elf, Yakuza, was far better than he had first realized. Jack decides that the worst thing he could possibly do would be to be caught unaware. Both the combatants, the sea elf in particular, had a look of magic about them. Jack stands up, stretches, and begins his focusing his warrior magic, increasing strength, vision and reflexes, but holding back. It would not be advantageous to disrupt what was turning out to be a ferocious battle.

All of a sudden Yakuza takes a blinding dash forward and stabs in the direction of Wabashiro, all the while quietly chanting the words to a spell.

Jack watched the magical tension of the place increase as Yakuza dashed at Wabashiro, the sea elf was definately better than he looked. Staying on guard was a must now, a single mistake could lead to death...or worse.

Without warning Yakuza halted his attack and leapt straight into the air, unleashing a spell causing an earthquake to shake the entire place.

Jack leaped out of the way as a large chunk of ceiling fell where he had been standing, that elf Yakuza was trying to bring the place down! The only way to solve that problem, and to keep from being squashed, was to attack. Jack stuck his sword in the ground, within easy reach, knocked an arrow in his bow, and sighted Yakuza's head.

Yakuza, noticing the glint of steel from Jack's sword, looks in his direction, all the while mentally going through his vast amount of spells, trying to find one that will stop Jack's arrow and give him the advantage. Just as he lands he finds one that he thinks is suitable. As he rises to his feet, he casts it, creating a dome of fire around him that slowly expands.

But Vasilios using his pyrokenetic abilities enters the dome and begins to duel with Yakuza in an amazing battle

Jack noticed the dome right before firing, but loosed the arrow anyway. The arrow burnt to a crisp as it hit the dome. Jack sighed and hefted his sword, the sea elf wasn't going to go without a fight. Jack also whispered a quick spell at his shield, causing it to encase him in an magic-repelling shield, this was going to be difficult, as there were already two combatants in the fire dome.

Yakuza noticed Jack approaching and, while dodging all but the quickest of Vasilios' attacks, throws Jack into the stands using his telekinetic abilities. With Jack out of mind for the time being, Yakuza turns his full attention on Vasilios. He intones a word of magic and his sword grows to twice its original length, which was already long to begin with!

Jack stood up and shook dust, stone, and assorted people off of him. This was getting personal. He double-checked the magic-proof barrier given off by his shield...yep, still there...and leaped into the fire dome, positioning his shield to dissapate the magical fire and any other spells the two combatants might use. The sea elfs sword was enormous, "but", Jack thought grimly, "The bigger they are, the harder they fall."

Yakuza, desiring to end the fight, decides to unleash a barrage of spells into the arena. The first was one he had mastered centuries ago, calling forth a creature through a transdimensional portal he created using his magic.

Shadow Rakasi has been watching this battle for a long time from his vantage point. Steadily growing weary of the mage wizard thing casting spells and almost hiting him once to many. Rakasi teleports in 20foot successions down to the arena. To fully make myself known I catch the eye of each member but carefully not intruding in the battle...yet.
continueing my scout of the battle I am hit by a stray spell..ouch! teleports behind the mage and puts BloodLust deep within the spinlecord...not sure if it killed him but it sure distracted him or her.. I then teleport away to consider the others..

Ardae threw 3 darts at the ground on impact they exploded he then appeared out of the smoke "this might be interesting"

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