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Design the Fantasy Human Races
of the Creature List,
the Elftown Fantasy Races,
and the WFR

See the Elftown Clans:
The Fantasy Majority > Human Clans
(House Moderators)

Contest Closed! 9-11-2007

Hosted currently by [xido]

See Poll:

2722) What is your favorite entry in the Fantasy Human Contest? (No administrator)

Number of voters: 25
a) <img100*0:> by [Pipie]
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b) <img100*0:> by [Pipie]
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c) <img100*0:> by [Masayume_soto]
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d) <img100*0:> by [Masayume_soto]
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e) <img100*0:> by [Titanium Tiger]
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f) <img100*0:> by [KittyP0P]
Number of votes: 4 (16%)

g) <img100*0:> by [KittyP0P]
Number of votes: 2 (8%)

h) <img100*0:> by [Toffeejalapenos]
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i) <img100*0:> by [Toffeejalapenos]
Number of votes: 3 (12%)

j) <img100*0:> by [shadowyzman]
Number of votes: 11 (44%)

k) <img100*0:> by [FireGypsy]
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l) <img100*0:> by [FireGypsy]
Number of votes: 2 (8%)

- Subject: one or more Fantasy Humans / Human Races
- As many entries as you want.
- Black & White OR Color; single-medium OR mixed media (don't skimp and make a quick, crappy doodle... full media).
- Full media means no line drawing on lined paper. That is crappy doodling.
- Any size or medium.
- This is an art & media-only contest. Images and media can be accompanied by a text block of up to 750 words, though not all text blocks will be accepted for the final wikipage(s), Fantasy Human / Human Races / Human Clans.

- By applying, you agree to [xido] and the Elftown Clans utilizing your artwork until after [xido] or an RP Council member ends this contest. They will use your work(s) as the basis for banners, graphics and media for the Human Races, Human Clans and Fantasy Humans pages, in connection with the Creature List.

Fantasy Human Contest Entries01

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2007-03-23 [xido]: I am surprised that there are no Avatar: The Last Airbender fans flocking here to make Fantasy Humans..... Or even maybe a Lemirian... they usually seem pretty competitive about drawing at times....  :/

2007-03-29 [Artsieladie]: I just saw this on Mainstreet. :P)

2007-03-31 [xido]: Where? I cannot find it... I wish it had some interest. I was so looking forward to this contest pulling in some cool art for humans on Elftown.

2007-03-31 [iippo]: Media = plural of medium. Medium: 1. an intervening agency, means, or instrument by which something is conveyed or accomplished. 2. the material or technique with which an artist works. (+about 20 other things that media/medium can mean)

2007-03-31 [Artsieladie]: In the left hand column, it's just above ECM Vampire Photo, near the bottom. The left hand column arranges according to the calendar dates with the earliest ending contests at or near the top & the latest ending contests nearer to or at the bottom. I learned how it works, b/c I edit Mainstreet on Elf12. :P

2007-04-10 [Pipie]: [Pipie] woo can i take part? i have uploaded the images onto my account ! oo can i go on peoples profiles and look at thier art and nominate them for this contest ? Pip xx

2007-04-18 [xido]: Just make sure they know about someone nominating (or more accurately, recommending) their art. I welcome all to participate, but I was recently informed that this is not a typical, and therefore not official, ECM fantasy race session, because the format is not the same, but the contest is still open for entrants.

2007-06-12 [Estantia]: how is the format not the same?

2007-06-13 [xido]: [Estantia]: The rules are not the exact same, and having an improperly named wikipage has also turned out to be a factor. Since a 'fantasy human' was never featured on <poll:73926>, it also means that there is assumed to be no interest in the idea.

I am not worried about it. The contest stay open.

[Pipie], do you have an entry to post?

2007-06-19 [Pipie]: Yeah i have two entrys, they are both on my page and are labelled to say that they are for the competition.

2007-07-04 [*Leric*]: you just enter a drawing of a human??

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