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Design the Fantasy Human Races
of the Creature List,
the Elftown Fantasy Races,
and the WFR

See the Elftown Clans:
The Fantasy Majority > Human Clans
(House Moderators)

Contest Closed! 9-11-2007

Hosted currently by [xido]

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2722) What is your favorite entry in the Fantasy Human Contest? (No administrator)

Number of voters: 25
a) <img100*0:> by [Pipie]
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b) <img100*0:> by [Pipie]
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c) <img100*0:> by [Masayume_soto]
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d) <img100*0:> by [Masayume_soto]
Number of votes: 1 (4%)

e) <img100*0:> by [Titanium Tiger]
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f) <img100*0:> by [KittyP0P]
Number of votes: 4 (16%)

g) <img100*0:> by [KittyP0P]
Number of votes: 2 (8%)

h) <img100*0:> by [Toffeejalapenos]
Number of votes: 2 (8%)

i) <img100*0:> by [Toffeejalapenos]
Number of votes: 3 (12%)

j) <img100*0:> by [shadowyzman]
Number of votes: 11 (44%)

k) <img100*0:> by [FireGypsy]
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l) <img100*0:> by [FireGypsy]
Number of votes: 2 (8%)

- Subject: one or more Fantasy Humans / Human Races
- As many entries as you want.
- Black & White OR Color; single-medium OR mixed media (don't skimp and make a quick, crappy doodle... full media).
- Full media means no line drawing on lined paper. That is crappy doodling.
- Any size or medium.
- This is an art & media-only contest. Images and media can be accompanied by a text block of up to 750 words, though not all text blocks will be accepted for the final wikipage(s), Fantasy Human / Human Races / Human Clans.

- By applying, you agree to [xido] and the Elftown Clans utilizing your artwork until after [xido] or an RP Council member ends this contest. They will use your work(s) as the basis for banners, graphics and media for the Human Races, Human Clans and Fantasy Humans pages, in connection with the Creature List.

Fantasy Human Contest Entries01

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2007-07-04 [*Leric*]: you just enter a drawing of a human??

2007-07-06 [xido]: I see your entries on your house page, Pipie. Do you know how to add them here?

Yes, Leric, images and media about Elftownish Fantasy Humans is the goal of this contest. It will benefit the Human Clans, the Human Races, and the Fantasy Human Creature_List page. It can be any type of human, as long as it doesn't look like a photograph of one from our own world. ;)

2007-07-06 [Pipie]: No, I'm afraid i dont no how to add them here.

2007-07-06 [*Leric*]: when's the deadline?

2007-07-06 [SeLoCeS]: Deadline: 2007-9-1

2007-07-06 [*Leric*]: september?

2007-07-07 [SeLoCeS]: mmm yes the ninth month of the year is september :)

2007-07-07 [*Leric*]: ok thanks, and sorry, i'm no quite well with months o.<

2007-07-08 [SeLoCeS]: lol no problems i had to say the months out aloud anyways just to work it out >.<

2007-07-08 [*Leric*]: =D hee

2007-07-12 [Pipie]: Hey so who else is entering ? i cant be the only one sureley ?

2007-07-17 [xido]: so far... :/

2007-07-17 [Artsieladie]: I have this mentioned in my house. I thought it might help a little, at least. I've actually been having fun & frustration in my house, playing with & trying to learn the new pseudo HTML [Hedda] implemented. :P)

2007-08-01 [Azuri]: Hmm interesting, if I could ever be arsed to finish the picture I'm working on now I could probably enter it here, even if it was of my Cleric for DnD >_>

2007-08-03 [FireGypsy]: Could I perhaps enter a photo? =)

2007-08-05 [chienkiri]: how can i add my try??? answer by mp thx!

2007-08-05 [Titanium Tiger]: Ive entered !! mine is the snake thing I dont think weve had too bad of a turn out!

2007-08-05 [Artsieladie]: [chienkiri], are you asking how to post your entry? :P As always with art contests, I enjoy peeking into the imaginations of those that enter! :D

2007-08-20 [KittyP0P]: can i get any opinions about my entries?

2007-08-21 [Toffeejalapenos]: The idea of the contest is not exactly clear... But from browsing around it's pretty much a fantasy-esque human of any shape or form? I'm going to just pop my two entries which i think are suitable up on the page but if they're not quite the right idea please just message me! Thankies, TJ :)

2007-08-24 [Rat Hacker]: The entry by [KittyP0P]is very nice but reminds me of Inuyasha or his brother. i don't know it's some odd reason. Maybe it's becuase I am a InuYasha fan and think everything looks like Inuyasha? I don't know not actually.

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