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Fantasy Human Contest Entries

1. [Pipie] - "The Fairy and her Angel"

2. [Pipie] - "The Angel and the Fairy"

3. [Masayume_soto] "Angel of Sorrow"

4. [Masayume_soto] "Demon Breaking Into Heaven"

5.[Titanium Tiger]
this thing is kinda snakey but I like it!!^^

6.[KittyP0P]"My Demon Koneko"

my very first contest

7.[KittyP0P]" the fury of koneko"

personally i like the colours.

8. [Toffeejalapenos]
An old image, recently coloured. This is NOT an elf, her ears just ended up pointy :( But last time i checked simply having pointy ears does not mean elf outright ;) This is one of two trials but i felt these colours worked better!

A picture i've done totally digitally and i infact already created this picture a long time ago but recently recreated it. Another one with blue glow, tsk :P

10. [shadowyzman]

I drew this with a pencil...inked and then painted over it in Photoshop cs2. It's called "You still haunt my dreams"


11. [FireGypsy]

I noticed that [Pipie] used pictures in her entries, so I am assuming mine will be okay. These are pictures of me wearing my self-made Mermaid tail.


12. [FireGypsy]


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