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The Creature_List Endangered Species List

See also, Minor Clans

From the Fantasy Majority / the Fantasy Minority
From the Elftown Clans and RP Council



     The Fantasy Endangered Species List is a list utilized by the Creature_List to list races with 1% or less representation on the Representative Poll, <poll:73926>.

     All races here are invited to join one of the Minor Clans, or to create a Minor Clan of their own for their race, to be represented in the RP Council.


   (tentative) Minor Clans FESL Leader - [Kim_Lundin] (Dwarfin Clans)

Other positions:
- [xido] (Draconic Clan, Archiver, Analyst)
- [Angel Dreamer] (no current Clan, Creature_List owner)

Important Polls / Notes:

    2007-3-3: This List is now accepting new entries. Comments have been opened for this use. [xido] is volunteer Moderator for now.

Creatures of The Creature List:
  - Halfling
  - Hobbit
  - Orc
  - Goblin
  - Dwarf
  - Duergar
  - Minotaur
  - Tauric Creature
  - Pegasus
  - Duck


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2007-03-04 [SilverFire]: I'm an endangered species. <.<

2007-04-20 [xido]: And what be the title of your race, m'dear? I can't very well post 'Silvie' as a beastie of the CL.... Can I? >.>

2008-05-22 [Lord Dog]: So how do we volunteer to flesh out some of the underdeveloped/represented races? Like oh I don't know Dwarves and Gnomes?

2008-05-23 [Earoluim]: what is this ?

2008-05-30 [xido]: I think you just volunteered, Brijco. ;)

This is a list of under-represented creatures of the Creature_List and beyond, Earoluim. If you can't find it on the above poll(s), it is an endangered species. This also helps make sure that certain race groups are properly represented in the Elftown Clans based on the people of Elftown. ;)

2008-05-31 [Earoluim]: Ok thanks, Much appreciated. Well I am back off to check things in the Minority house.,

2008-06-04 [xido]: No Problem. Great!

2008-06-04 [Earoluim]: I think it is time i take a step up and not be so lack with my duties as head *

2008-08-11 [xido]: I wholeheartedly welcome you to feel free to do as you please. This is most certainly your domain in the Minority, so please add or edit anything you need. ;)

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