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Both my banner and badges were made by [pixish]. :) I think she did a great job.

Fantasy Contest

This contest is for writers.

Deadline: Closed

Finally, The Judges have voted! Congratulations to the winners.
Winners by Judges

1st place: Don't forget to smile! by[Ath3na]
2nd place: Prince of Wolves by[Khayman]
3rd place: MWATheWill by[mywolfalways]

Winners by People/Polls

1st place: Prince of Wolves by[Khayman]
2nd place: My Page by[pegasus1000]

You can vote at <poll:35545>.


All participants will receive this badge.

People's Choice will receive one of these badges.
<img:> <img:>


1. Must be NO more than 5000 words in length.
2. Must be your original work. (That doesn't mean you are allowed to take a story and change it a little to become your own.) Meaning: NO fan fiction.
3. Any kind of fantasy is allowed. Examples: faeries, mermaids, goblins, etc.
4. Try to remember that this is a site for all ages. You are permitted the minimum amount of swearing, violence, and erotica. You will be contacted if your work contains too much.
5. Deadline-closed
6. People may place no more than two entries.
7. Writers must place their name with their work.
Anything you don't understand or want to know you can contact [chaika].

The winner will be chosen by a certain amount of volunteers and [chaika]. The number of volunteers depends upon the number of entries.

All entries are to be posted in this fashion:

Any question on how to make your own wiki page go to wiki_intro and then go to guide to the pseudo HTML on Elftown

Place your name below if you are interested:
1)[This House is Deleted7]
6)[Cascading water lillies]


1) [This House is Deleted7]
The Faerie Ring

2) [Khayman]
Prince of Wolves-4,908 words
To be judged:
Prince of Wolves Prologue
Prince of Wolves Chapter One
Prince of Wolves Chapter Two

3) [Khayman]
Battle for Caerwyn-4,515 words
To be judged:
BFC 1-Marissa-Posted with permission from author.
BFC 2-Cassie-The second part, written by myself.

4) [mywolfalways]
MWAMuse - To Be a Musing - 2,329 words

5) [OvertheMoooon]

6) [Ukia]
dragon's page
dragon's page part 2
dragon's page part 3

7) [Cascading water lillies]
AsthemistclearsPandora- <Darwin's Pull >-3,075 words>

8) [mywolfalways]
MWATheWill - The Will 1,628

9) [Kememmótar]

10) [pegasus1000]
My Page

11) [Ath3na]
Don't forget to smile!

12) [incendere]
Shadows and other such things

13) [thestranger]
The Glass Weapon - 4,998 words

14) [nunt]
The Man in the Mirror - 1,040 words

For people who are unsure of their stories you can go to Writing Help

Username (or number or email):


2005-01-22 [pixish]: Advertise in the advertising Forum :-)

2005-01-22 [chaika]: hmm...good idea...I'll go find it (I didn't even know about it)

2005-01-22 [pegasus1000]: 4.. I did not know about an advertising Forum eiter. But I sapos they have something for everything around here.

2005-01-22 [pegasus1000]: I would prefer judges to pic winners for tis compatition.. and have a seporate peoples choice award (just one of thoes) because of biase.

2005-01-23 [mywolfalways]: I usually run my contests with poll and judge. I make two separate badges for each. The people I use for judge's don't have a profile on Elfwood or anything, so it's fair and unbiased. I also usually run my contests anonymous though.

2005-01-23 [pegasus1000]: sounds cool. don't exactly know how I would judge a contest myself.

2005-01-23 [Khayman]: I like [pixish]'s suggestion. That way, you're not completely throwing out the polls, and you can be sure that the winner isn't chosen simply because s/he is more well-known. If you choose to do 4 winners, 2 from polls 2 from judges, I'd say don't have the same person win twice, give others an opportunity to win (I also like [mywolfalways]'s suggestion about 2 separate badges for this). "most original" is always a nice thing as well, and something that I think should be done more often (especially with art contests :-\ ) There's an advertising forum? :p should have

2005-01-24 [pegasus1000]: -agrees with that statement.. I think i already said that though.. Oh well.

2005-01-25 [Khayman]: lol

2005-04-03 [chaika]: If I messed up somehow, please inform me...don't be afraid to make me look stupid. :)

2005-04-04 [mywolfalways]: Congratulations all who received Judge's Choice. 

2005-04-05 [Kememmótar]: aack.. I cant figure out how this contest was/is being decided!!

2005-04-05 [chaika]: I, and 3 other judges, voted for 3 places of Judges' vote...then there are to be 2 or 3 winners by polls

2005-04-09 [Khayman]: the polls are the people's choice, right? and thanks [mywolfalways], and a congrats to the others from me as well :)

2005-04-10 [chaika]: Yes

2005-11-01 [Khayman]: [chaika] - I am about to shut down the wikis that my story is posted on to protect better protect the story (I've decided that I do want it to be published when it is finished, and so am going to minimize how often it appears online, and start controlling where it appears online). I don't want to clse the wiki before the poll is finished here, however, so can it please be closed soon? (the battle for caerwyn wiki is also being closed, but I don't think that will affect the poll :p)

2005-11-01 [Khayman]: as a side-note, I'm not only going to 'close' the wikis, but will be removing the story entirely from the internet until it is finished enough to register it with the US Copyright Office. also... since i noticed chaika has been gone 3 days and not sure when she'll be back, i'm going to go ahead and remove the wikis today instead of waiting for the poll to close.

2005-11-16 [pegasus1000]: I actually placed.. WOW. that was unexpected. anyway. I have a small question, but how do I put that badge on my house sence I can't edit this page directly I can't get the link to it.

2005-11-16 [Khayman]: right click on the badge, scroll to properties, copy the URL, and then in your youse description type < img: URL > (minus the spaces)

2005-11-17 [pegasus1000]: thanks.

2007-06-09 [ForeverNothing]: i want to join a contest how can i join and when?

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