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Humans: Descendants of the ancient sages, and the only sage race to maintain a very similar appearance to their ancestors. Humans are also the single most widespread of the sage races, inhabiting every corner of the world in several different ethnicities.
      Racial Stat: Intelligence
      Racial Skills
            Skill Bonus: +1 Extra Skill Point every 5 Levels.
            Polarian: Dark-skinned people from Centra.
            Hyperborean: Light-haired people from Æonwinter.
            Lemurian: Narrow-eyed people from Lemuria.
            Atlantean: Tan-skinned people from Atlantis.
            Aryan: Light-skinned people from Adon.

Dwarves: Descendants of the ancient sages who delved below ground to avoid the demonic invasions of ages past. Surviving underground in shorter, hairy, durable bodies, the dwarves spent ages mastering the arts of moving earth and shaping metal. Rarely seen far from the mountains, Dwarves are not much for travel but in recent ages they have been seen above ground far more often.
      Racial Stat: Endurance
      Racial Skills
            Halfling: Surface dwarves, living among hills. Strangely, far less hairy.
            Gnomes: Smaller dwarves akin to faefolk.
            Dvergar: Dwarves of Æonwinter.
            Svartálfar: "Black Elves", the eldest dwarven bloodline.

Elves: Descendants of the ancient sages who sought refuge in the wilderness from the demonic invasion. Hunted and stalked for milennia, the elves have become incredibly adept at stealth to the point that they are indistinguishable from their surroundings when hidden. In recent ages, elves are rare but powerful race. Their senses are sharp, coming from their sharp sense of smell and long ears. Even the most vagabond of elf holds a natural elegance that rivals nobility of other races.
      Racial Stat: Accuracy
      Racial Skills
            Commune: Can speak to fauna & flora of their environment.
            Camouflage: +1 to stealth every 5 levels in their environment.
            Ljósálfar: "Light Elves", the eldest elven bloodline.
            Muntálfar: "Mountain Elves", durable elves from the Centra Deserts.
            Landálfar: "Field Elves", tall elves with long legs in the Adon grasslands.
            Wæterálfar: "Sea Elves", elves which reside in the Atlantean archipelago.
            Wuduálfar: "Wood Elves", elves which reside in the deep forests of Adon.
            Dokkálfar: "Dark Elves", elves of the underdark, also referred to as Drow.

Orcish: Descendants of the sage races who were not lucky enough to escape the torments of the demonic hordes. Brutally mutated and enslaved, the orcish people have been pressed with a fury that is unrivaled.
      Racial Stat: Strength
      Racial Skills
            Bloodlust: Orcish creatures drop in Mind stats but increase Body stats when wounded.
            Sub-Race Special: Orcish have special skills depending on their sub-race.
            Orcs: Orcish demonized from the Humans.
                  - :
            Goblins: Orcish demonized from the Dwarves.
                  - :
            Trolls: Orcish demonized from the Elves.
                  - Nocturnal Regeneration: Trolls regenerate wounds at night.
            Ogres: Orcish demonized from the Giants.
                  - Big: Ogres occupy 4 spaces and have much higher wound tolerance.

Saurians: Dragon-kin that are considered to be far older than even the sages. Descended from great world ships, the saurians were summoned to aid the dragons in war against the demons of old. Crashing to the earth, their world ships became a small haven for their kind. Due to their body shapes, they have a natural speed and flexibility greater than other races. Though very dragon-like, they have feathered plumage that relates them to a bird-like appearance as well.
      Racial Stat: Dexterity
      Racial Skills
            Leaper: Double jump distances.
            Quetzal: Saurian clan known for their feathered crests.
            Coatl: Serpentine-like Saurians, with very wing-like arms.
            Cueyatl: Coastal Saurians, considered amphibian-like in their appearance.
            Tecolotl: Saurians with stout faces and very large forward facing eyes.
            Teotl: The eldest saurian clan, with brilliant colored plumage.
            Tlacatecolotl,: Saurians with spiked feathers and are very aggressive.

      Racial Stat: Wisdom
      Racial Skills
            : .

      Racial Stat: Magick

      Racial Stat: Charisma

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2006-06-04 [Dr.Mandarian]: This seems pretty exciting! Very imaginative and creative work, here! It inspires me!

2006-06-04 [Adaman]: Thanks, I'm glad you feel that way.

2006-06-05 [xido]: I will try to make as many references to your races (since they are in fact very detailed) on the Races page for the guild, but I may need a little help. I will post what I can on Human Races and see if you like it. ;) Very cool stuff.

2006-06-05 [Adaman]: Well, its always nice to know that someone likes it.

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