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      Pyromancy is the magic of Fire, and is known to true mages as the oldest of all magic. Born from creation, the element of Fire is indeed the eldest but also the most abused by elder creatures. Demons in particular enjoy fire and twist it to their uses in destruction and the agonies which follow. However, Angels also use Fire to their whims, with a set of techniques just as old and stemming from the pure energy conversion of Fire. The magic the angels bless as Exorcism is truly the wonders of Fire, and is the counter to demonic hellfire. An grand allusion to the oldest adage, "to fight fire with fire."

~: Pyromancy Talents :~

      As a mage becomes proficient with Fire, so their talents become shown with it. Many of these following attributes are common, but also dependent on the user. So long as a mage continues in the path of fire, these talents can all eventually be unlocked. For every unit of Fire Magic specialization, one new talent becomes learned at the choice of the caster. Some talents are better used in certain situations, but each talent increases the overall power of the Pyromancer.

Burn: Spells deal 0.5* Fire damage over 1** turn(s).
      The Burn Talent is a particularly good talent to learn when you are dealing with pesky creatures of high speed that like hit and run tactics. With decent spell power or spell duration, this added talent can easily be the doom of any creature once they are set aflame.

Smoke: Spells cause a smoke screen, increasing in area by 1* per turn from the effected location. The effected locations reduce Sight by 2**, dropping effect by 1 per turn until zero. Attack Stat from range into the cloud is reduced in place of Sight.
      Difficult to gauge, but in particular situations it is absolutely effective. When this talent is used on a group of archers, it reduces their sight range to 0 in most cases. Smoke screens do have a dissipation though, so the time of its actual effectiveness is limited. Can also serve as a way to escape, as archers outside the cloud will not be able to see targets well enough to place a hit.

Evaporate: Causes 1* additional damage to anything of elemental "Water".
      Hydromancers are a pain in the rear for a Pyromancer, unless they are blessed with the Evaporate talent. This is incredibly useful for clearing out walls of water or elementals. The effect can also be used in sieges for droughts on the land. A must for pesky battles against the opposing element, but careful for Hydromancers with the similar talent "humidity".

Resistance: Additional 1* block chance Fire damage with +1** defense against Fire.
      Fire is an aggressive element, and Pyromancers will run into situations where their own element may be used against them. Resistance talent is perfect for dealing with those usurpers, pity on them for dealing with a master that can effectively dispel any fire damage with decent enough spell power of duration. A careful balance is useful, but either stat will make resistance effective enough in reducing the fire damage.

Firebrand: Increases Attack Stat by 1* for 1* turn(s) after casting a fire spell.
      Firebrands are the runes which glow when fire spells are cast, and they burn bright like embers for a short time after the spell is done. This is where it becomes very useful for Pyromancers to embrace weaponry, as their attack power skyrockets. Unlike other mages, a Pyromancer can really bring the hurt on a battlefield with this talent.

~: Pyromancer Spells :~

      The actual spells of the Pyromancy school of magic, which have a single effect, best coupled with the talents of the Pyromancer. Certain spells require hybridization with other elements in order to learn, which will require a school of separate magic to be learned. These are the "hybrid" spells, and are generally considered a 2nd Level Magic. Many of them are very powerful, but considering a different school of magic will limit the overall power in talents a Pyromancer will have.

Flamethrower: (1 Fire) Causes 3* Fire damage in a straight line out to 3** range in front of the caster.
      A basic fire spell that launches a jet of flames, which damages ALL targets in front of the pyromancer. This makes for good crowd control, so long as the damage is not blocked by a pesky shield. Naturally, it also means that you have to consider friendly fire, as the Flamethrower will target allies as well as enemies.

Immolation: (1 Fire) Causes 1* Fire damage to all targets surrounding the caster for 3** turns.
      A basic fire spell which surrounds the Pyromancer in flames. When coupled with the talent "Burn", Immolation is an incredible damage dealing spell. Even if enemies flee, they still take burning damage and if they stay they continue to be burned and will burn even after the spell's effect has dissipated. Not an effective defensive spell, but when surrounded the pyromancer can at least take some enemies with them.

Explosion: (1 Fire) Causes 3* Fire damage to all surrounding targets and launches any target 3** spaces away from caster.
      An alternative to the Immolation when surrounded, Explosions are a particularly fun way to make an escape. However, unlike Immolation, Explosion is a one-shot spell that won't causes as much damage. However, it is a much better alternative to defense when surrounded.

Fire Weapon: (1 Fire) Summons a weapon*** that does 50% fire damage in their attacks, lasts for 3** turns.
*** Weapons include all Swords, Axes, & Whips.
      The most basic summoning for a Pyromancer, conjuring a weapon of fire. This spell, in conjunction with the "Firebrand" talent, can cause a world of hurt for some unprepared foes. The choices of weapons is limited, as certain weapons don't exhibit "fiery" traits (such as hammers or spears). Can be considered an alternative to simply enchanting a weapon, since it has a little more variability in what weapon can be summoned. Particularly useful in that the "armed slow" penalty is not an issue until the weapon is actually summoned. Unfortunately, Pyromancers will not enjoy the time limit when it comes to a long duration battle.

Pirobolus: (3 Fire) Summons a Lv. 1* Pirobolus for 3** turns.
      An advanced Fire spell, and the only active summon available for individual casters as it only takes 3 units of Fire unlike that of much more excessive summons. A Pirobolus is simply an animate fireball, as Pirobolus means "Fire Ball". They're adept little casters, so long as the Pyromancer has sufficient spell power. For expert Pyromancers, a Pirobolus can be a good distraction without wasting the extra two units of fire. This can allow them to cast additional spells while the Pirobolus has at their enemies, or even buy time to escape or recharge units of fire.

Inferno: (5 Fire) Summons a storm of fire, which casts 1* Basic Fire spells per turn randomly in an area 3* by 3** spaces, lasts for 5** charges.
      An expert Fire spell, best used in conjunction casting with help from another Pyromancer so as not to deplete one's fire supply. The Inferno is basically a firestorm, unleashing all kinds of fire in a fairly large area. Unfortunately, the Inferno anchors in the area of the Pyromancer, so there is a good chance that the Pyromancer might get injured by their own spell. Fortunately by the time a Pyromancer can cast such a spell on their own, they will already have the Resistance talent. However, if two lower level Pyromancers attempt this spell without the Resistance talent, they're in for a bad time. (*Note: If two pyromancers have the "missile" talent of wind magic, they can project the anchor of the Inferno away from themselves.)

~: Hybrid Pyromancy :~

      This is a list of all the hybrid spells involved with Pyromancy. The list here is not "complete", as new spells will be added all the time based on the magic type requirements.

Fireball: (Requires "Explosion" & "Gust", 1 Fire & 1 Air) Causes 3* Fire damage to an area and launches any surrounding target 3** spaces away from AOE.
      Fireballs are the advanced use of Explosions, sending the explosive force out to a location away from the pyromancer. This particular spell is a common one among Pyromancers, making good use of the marriage between the Fire and Air elemental spells. Fireballs are a bit expensive magically, and will cause a Pyromancer to never reach full mastery of Pyromancy should they pursue them. However, the range is a welcome addition to one's repertoire when in a battle.

Firewall: (Requires "Flamethrower" & "Tectonics", 1 Fire & 1 Earth) Creates a line of Fire 1* spaces in length, lasts 1** turn. Causes 1* Fire damage to any target that passes through it.
      The perfect distraction spell for any pyromancer, especially at choke points where entire passageways can be blocked off. Most units won't risk the damage, especially if the pyromancer has the "Burn" talent, and will be forced to find an additional route. Due to its duration, most talents work really well with the Firewall, given certain combinations. Firebrand for archers, with a firewall barrier... Smoke for hidden escapes should an assassin need one... Evaporate for clearing lakes or a path across a river... or Resistance, when the choke point is ahead and an enemy may be faster than the caster, thus needing a leap through fire to escape.

Madness: (Requires "Immolation" & "Confusion", 1 Fire & 1 Psychic) Causes a target to attack randomly for 3** turns with +1* attack power. Target takes 1* damage per turn.
      Madness is a hybrid with a non-element spell type, which lends it to be a little bit uncommon for pyromancers. However, adding a non-element flair to the repertoire of the pyromancer can be beneficial. This spell is particularly useful when a target has no psychic resistance, but is still very powerful; Such as warbeasts or high level champions. This allows them to soften up the enemy while retreating, recharging, or spitting out other fire spells. A possible alternative to summoning, if not for the uncontrollability of the target in question.

* = Multiple dependent on Spell Power or "Power" Stat of unit.
** = Multiple dependent on Spell Duration or "Faith" Stat of unit.

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