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~: Elemental Magic :~

Less Mana Use
      Elemental Magic enjoys the lesser use of Mana for spellcasting so long as the materials necessary for spellcasting are provided, such as bottles of water lending themselves as material & anchors for Aquamancy, or open flames for Pyromancy. If resources are provided, Elemental Magic only requires ~25% to 33% of the Mana needed otherwise to conjure resources from energy. This search for sources makes the learning of "detection" spells far more important.

Custom Spells
      Elemental Magic is customizable, and skill points can be used to combine spells together to create something new. Though these customized spells are hybrid elements, and require more than one mastery of elemental magic, it allows for greater spells to be conjured from the simple combination of two lesser spells. The amount of skill points needed to create a custom spell is usually equal to the amount of skill points needed to learn the two spells used to combine. (*Note: If spell combination does not work, only 50% of the skill points are spent in the process. Some combination formulas are provided for less risky attempts.)

~: Fantasma Pyromancy :~
The Magic of Plasmas.

      Pyromancy is an art of elemental magic that focuses purely on offense and destruction. While easily abused, Pyromancy is also a great weapon to destroy evils and was the type of magic that lifted mortals in their place of power. However, Pyromancy is not without limits as it is difficult to defend with appropriately and can backfire drastically because of this lack in defense.

~: Fantasma Aeromancy :~
The Magic of Gases.

      Aeromancy is an art of elemental magic that focuses purely on mobility and misdirection. Difficult to use, and so is rarely abused. Aeromancers enjoy the indirect style of combat offered by their element, choosing to outwit their foes rather than destroy them. Aeromancy is well balanced, but lacks fundamental combat superiority in offense or defense. The magic of air is best used as a support means, but has a few spells which keep it toe-to-toe with other elements.

~: Fantasma Aquamancy :~
The Magic of Liquid.

      Aquamancy is an art of elemental magic that focuses purely on the middle ground in combat, supplying a wide assortment of attack, defense, and indirection in their spells. Aquamancers are rather popular due to the precious commodity that they wield, and are powerful companions in journeys. Though an art of all uses, Aquamancy masters at none and can lack the power to overwhelm greater forces.

~: Fantasma Geomancy :~
The Magic of Solids.

      Geomancy is an art of elemental magic that focuses purely on defense and creation. Due to the astounding amount of permanence Geomancy offers, it is popular for the reasons of creating weapons and armor to defend against powerful attacks, such as those wielded by fire. Since the very earth serves as material, Geomancers enjoy a mild mana use anywhere they travel provided it is not within the ocean.

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2004-06-06 [Leonox]: You as far as elements and stuff, you really have no life and death. You know for mancers like a necro mancer or a bio mancer. Necro could be like a death type and bio being a life altering type.

2004-06-06 [Adaman]: A good suggestion, but Evil is for Necromancers and Holy for Vitamancers

2004-06-06 [Leonox]: ok i guess that will do. Then what would be the point of calling it a necromancr if it couldnt summon undead creatures.

2004-06-07 [Adaman]: Necromancers have a default of Deathraise Summon (I think), or rather they should. Maybe I'll clarify on that in the future.

2004-06-12 [Leonox]: oky doky

2004-06-20 [Leonox]: so dark magic used on an evil person would not hurt them. Or would it cause lil damage. Could a dark magic wielder cast it on himself to make him or her stronger.

2004-06-20 [Adaman]: Actually no, dark magic corrupts with misuse and injures anything, including evil creatures. Its just more powerful in the Netherworld.

2004-06-21 [Leonox]: ok

2004-06-22 [Adaman]: Time to update this page I think

2004-07-10 [Leonox]: So do necromancers get deathraise summoning?

2004-07-11 [Adaman]: I believe so, look at classes because I think I made a link to Mancer types.

2004-07-11 [Leonox]: ok i will

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