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~ Fantasma Units concept, by [Blood Raven]

Each Unit consists out of several important aspects, and the combination of these aspects eventually determine the Unit's stats. When creating a unit, you can specify:
- Race
- Type
- Equipment

Each faction can choose from several races, each having its own advantages and disadvantages. Then a Unit Type is selected. The Unit Type basically determines what weapons the Units will be using, its main strengths and weaknesses, and possibly its spells and special abilities. Then there is equipment, which you can buy for a unit to make it more effective in battle.

~ Races

The Human faction can choose the following races to recruit:
- Humans - Versatile, and quick learners. Can become almost any type of unit. Very custimizable and quick and cheap to train.
- Elves - Quick troops. Good at hiding and hit and run. Elves are good Archers and gain bonuses in Forest enviroment.
- Dwarves - Durable and strong, Dwarves are excellent melee combatants. Not very quick by nature, they make for good Heavy Infantry. Dwarves are able to fight in darkness without penalties and gain bonuses when underground.

The Orcish faction has access to the following races:
- Orcs - Strong race, renowned for their powerful Melee combatants. Also good marchers, making an Orcish Unit able to deliver powerful and swift attacks. Have the Bloodlust ability.
- Trolls - True Juggernauts. Although Trolls are quite lazy and slow, their strength and durability are immense. This is amplified by their Regeneration ability, allowing them to fight for great lengths of time.
- Goblins - Cheap units which come in great numbers. Although quite weak on their own, combining several Goblins units together grants them the Swarming ability, resulting in combat bonuses.

The Undead faction can create the following races:
- Lesser Undead - Skeletons, ghouls and zombies, these units are weak and fragile, but require no upkeep or training. Enemies slain in battle can be raised as Lesser Undead.
- Greater Undead - Mummies, Liches and Vampires, these undead require special rituals to create, making them expensive, but very powerful. Greater Undead have a knack for magic, and gain one of the following special abilities: Blood Drain (vampire ability, drains enemy HP), Immortal Knowledge (Lich ability, grant acces to unique Necromanctic spells), or Curse of the Pharao (Mummy ability, curses any creature that fights the mummy, intensifies when Mummy dies).
- Spirits - Ghosts, Wraiths and other incorporeal Undead. Very weak physically, but cannot be harmed by conventional weaponry. Has the ability to Possess enemies. Gains bonuses in the place of its creation (Haunt).

The Demon faction can Summon the following races from the Pits of Hell:
- Lesser Demons - Mainly melee fighters and cannon fodder, these demons are usually summoned to keep the enemy busy whilst the Greater Demons work their Hell Magics. Lesser Demons have the Consume baility, enabling them to absorb a minor fraction of a slain enemies' strength.
- Greater Demons - Able spellcasters, Greater Demons have both good spellcasting abilities and good durabilty, making them tough, but also expensive to Summon. Have the Soul Steal abilty, allowing them to gather souls and preventing enemies from being raised.
- Hell Lords - Demon starting Unit. Hell Lords can Summon other demons, in exchange for captured Souls. Hell Lords have immense strength, durabilty and magical power, but when slain, all Units it has summoned are also slain. Multiple Hell Lords can be present at any time, but they are very expensive. Also have a Teleport abilty, allowing them to transport themselves and a few other units to a known location.

Saurians are able to breed the following races:

Illithid have the following races to use:
- Slaves - Cheap and replacable. Slaves have little to no upkeep or training cost, but are rather weak. The less upkeep you pay for them, the higher the chance they will revolt and turn against you. Also, you can Sacrifice Slaves in order to strengthen your other units.
- Illithid - The backbone of the Illithid army. Illithid have good magical stats, and have the Mind Control ability, allowing them to mentally command other units such as Slaves, or attempt to gain control over an enemy unit.
- Golems - These units have no intelligence, and are costly and slow, but are immune to many magical and non-magical effects, and also very strong and durable. Their strength mainly depends on the material they were made from.

The Djinn army consists of the following races:
- -
- -
- -

~ Types

These are the standard unit types:
- Footmen - Cheap training and upkeep, this is the basic melee footsoldier in the game. It can use any type of weapon, and specialise in one type as it gains experience. Thus, it can become:
* Swordsmen - Melee combatant specialised in sword combat, balanced attack and defense.
* Halbardier - Melee combatant specialised in polearms, good defence, especially against Cavalry.
* Axemen - Melee combatant specialised in axes, good attack.
* Macemen - Melee combatant specialised in maces and hammers, extra damage versus structures.

- Archer - Basic ranged unit, also cheap upkeep and training. Can use any type of ranged weapon. As it gains experience, it can become one of the following units:
* Marksmen - Specialised in dealing ranged damage with bows and crossbows. Good attack and range.
* Scout - Unit adept at hiding and recon. Good speed and sees further.
* Guerillas - Units can attack and then hide. Cheap upkeep, low attack, good speed. Only works in difficult terrain (mountains, hills, forest, cavern system)
* Skirmishers - Better armoured than the other ranged units, and far more durable. Specialised in thrown weaponry, such as spears and throwing axes. Good damage, but shorter range.

- Horsemen - Basic Cavalry unit. More expensive in both training and upkeep because of the mount. Good speed and attack. As it gains experience, can become the following units:
* Knight - Heavily armoured, but still good speed and attack. Because of this, also rather costly.
* Mounted Archer - Good speed, moderate range and attack. Costs are moderate.

- Adept - Basic mage unit.
* Seer -
* Evoker -

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