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2008-09-30 22:18:37
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ATOL: Original Songs || A Touch of Legato

Fall Away

(Less Reverb)

Here in my mind
I can see a river
I can hardly speak
Without you here with me
And I can't help but feel the way I do
I need you here but you don't want to stay

Please be strong
Keep holding on

Fall away
Run away
Save me

Lost to the world
Leaving my senses
Walking in the distance
Breathing in the darkness
And I don't know where my path will lead
I hope the day will break before I fall

Please be strong
Keep holding on

Fall away
Run away
Save me

My hands are tied
I'm holding on too fast
I can't run away
I'm falling through

Please be strong
Keep holding on

Fall away
Fall away
Fall away
Fall away

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[Chimes]: And I can't walk properly... me thinks I have sprained something.

[Duke Devlin]: You KNOW you have damaged your foot. And on that note - didn't I TELLLLLL you that your foot would take longer to heal if it wasn't a break? Fancy LISTENING and TRUSTING me? :P

[Chimes]: I did trust you... and listen. :P I have to go to the doctor if it still hurts as much by this time next week... they knew what I had by my phone description... and now I have to take pills every two hours... buuut I am having issues with that part. XD

[Duke Devlin]: XD It'll be fine. ^^ Pills are piss to take once you are used to them. If not, then hide them in soup. >=)

[Chimes]: I can take half a pill with fizzy drink... I managed to ttake a whole one with fizzy drink... but that was after having fanta coming in and out of my nose.

I can't seem to get them down with water though.

[Duke Devlin]: Ew. oO
Eh, you'll manage it at some point.

[Chimes]: Yeah... until then... I have to buy several bottles of fizzy drink when I need them. XD

[Duke Devlin]: Ahh well. XD Or, you could use the same one! :O

[Chimes]: It will probably take a whole bottle to manage some of the dosages... XD I am hopless!

[Duke Devlin]: XD HOPless eh?? :P And yes, you are. ;) JK XD

[Chimes]: Well... I might be hopless... I don't have enough balance to hop. :P

I am also hopeless. ;)

[Duke Devlin]: XD I figure that you don't also. :O
Yes, you are. :P

[Chimes]: I am all light-headed. XD

[Duke Devlin]: :O Bad.

[Chimes]: I knows

[Duke Devlin]: Less reverb ftw!

[Chimes]: :D I thought you'd like it. ^^ I have grown to like it more... I am becoming more confident, it seems.

[Duke Devlin]: Good! :O Reverb tends to over-shadow singing. :(

[Chimes]: I only put that much on because I was scared of what one bit sounded... now I've listened to the other quite a bit I like it. ^^

[Duke Devlin]: Well then good. :)

[Chimes]: Yeah!

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