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2004-08-21 [cobwebb]: cool pic ur like womble!her names hollie and your anitials r almost the same exept hers is H.M.L and yours is H.L.M lol and she's a brill drawer ^_^

2004-08-23 [Zantia]: kl thanx ^_^

2004-08-23 [Queen of Hearts]: hmm intresting

2004-10-02 [Zantia]: very ^_^

2004-10-23 [Zantia]: so is anyone gunna add anything to this page??well tell me what you wont put up :)

2004-10-28 [cobwebb]: i gotta banner for it ^^ <img:>

2004-10-28 [Queen of Hearts]: wow me like

2004-10-28 [Zantia]: wow! CuTe LiL BiTcH would u like to be a member ?

2004-10-28 [Queen of Hearts]: yep me wud love to be member

2004-10-28 [Zantia]: okies then one min :)

2004-10-28 [Queen of Hearts]: ok

2004-10-28 [Zantia]: look on the members bit and cobwebb have you noticed any problems with the html lately ? with your wikis and stuff ?

2004-10-28 [Queen of Hearts]: yay me member

2004-10-28 [Zantia]: lol ^.^

2004-10-28 [cobwebb]: what do u meen holly? i havn't really found any problems, why have you?

2004-10-28 [Zantia]: well look at ur wikis yea and see if the bits that u put that were ment to be in the center are actually at the side cause on this page all the title are surposed to be in the center but there not

2004-10-28 [Zantia]: o and the links have piccy next to them but there not coming up ! how annoying !!>:|

2004-10-28 [cobwebb]: what wiki?

2004-10-29 [Zantia]: Hi miffyfan howz u ?

2004-10-29 [cobwebb]: miffyfan is ellie, my cousin ^^

2004-10-29 [Zantia]: okies ^.^

2004-10-29 [Kanye]: hey holly! I love your pics!

2004-10-29 [Kanye]: do you think you could make me one like the fairy at the top but with my name on it? Pretty please? ^_^

2004-10-29 [cobwebb]: lol

2004-10-29 [Kanye]: ^_^

2004-10-29 [Zantia]: hi ^.^

2004-10-29 [Zantia]: huh?

2004-10-29 [Nevermore.]: ok! ppl! this wiki has been nomanited in the elftown awards for best wiki it hasent won yet so you must vote or it may not win! how to vote

2004-10-29 [cobwebb]: Erm, i didn't vote lol *looks to the sky* YEY i nominated it!

2004-10-29 [Nevermore.]: nominations count as votes

2004-10-29 [cobwebb]: yes me knows lol ^^

2004-10-29 [cobwebb]: we shall get this place up and running properly

2004-10-30 [cobwebb]: hey holly, i gotta new page for it fairys storys

2004-10-30 [Zantia]: kl

2004-10-30 [Zantia]: i'm so proud lol

2004-10-30 [Zantia]:


2004-10-30 [cobwebb]: woah holly! lol i wont expect to see u until l8r then if u stayed up till then lol

2004-10-30 [pothead13]: hey all

2004-10-31 [cobwebb]: hi

2004-12-04 [cobwebb]: This page had been nominated for featured wiki by moi

2004-12-04 [cobwebb]: Holly, is it OK if I know the password to Fairys, if so, can you send it to meh?

2005-01-02 [cobwebb]: THIS WIKI HAS WON!!!!!!!!!! *dances*

2005-01-02 [shonz.coms]: i lurveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ya wiki sophie

2005-01-02 [cobwebb]: Tis not mine :P It's [Zantia]'s I just sorta co own! Hehe


2005-01-02 [Zantia]: i think i might revamp this soon for the new year ya no ^.^

2005-01-02 [Dasner]: I have joined! ^_^

2005-01-02 [Zantia]: yay ^.^

2005-01-02 [Dasner]: *dances around happily* ^_^

2005-01-02 [cobwebb]: *dances* how cool!!!!!!!!!!

2005-01-02 [Dasner]: *waves a wing and makes her violin appear* *makes it play and begins to dance to the music*

2005-01-02 [cobwebb]: Lol :P Now we have to go into the finals though...AT LEAST WE GOT THROUGH THIS!!! lol

2005-01-02 [Dasner]: Finals? *keeps dancing*

2005-01-02 [Zantia]: yea finals? o.O

2005-01-02 [Dasner]: *grabs cobwebb and zantia and dances with them happily* ^_^

2005-01-02 [Zantia]: lol :P *dances and get dizzy*

2005-01-02 [Dasner]: *gets dizzy as well and stops the music, falling onto the ground* Oof!

2005-01-02 [Zantia]: lol :P

2005-01-02 [Dasner]: *krills and runs in circles then falls over again* @.@

2005-01-02 [Zantia]: lol

2005-01-02 [Dasner]: ^_^

2005-01-02 [cyber_mad]: hiya all

2005-01-02 [Dasner]: Hello sparey

2005-01-02 [Zantia]: hi ^.^ welcome to fairys

2005-01-03 [cyber_mad]: thanks

2005-01-03 [forestfarie]: hiya

2005-01-03 [Zantia]: hi^.^

2005-01-03 [forestfarie]: whats popin in here?

2005-01-03 [Zantia]: popin ?

2005-01-03 [forestfarie]: yup popin

2005-01-03 [Zantia]: o.O as in?

2005-01-03 [forestfarie]: whats going on

2005-01-03 [Zantia]: oohhhhhh i see hm fairys has just added a new page Fairys Adoption Centre

2005-01-03 [forestfarie]: yay!

2005-01-03 [Zantia]: heh ^.^

2005-01-04 [fit boy slim]: NICE WIKI U GOT HERE  U AN SOPHIE DID KINDA WELL

2005-01-04 [cobwebb]: VERY well :)

2005-01-04 [Zantia]: ^.^ thankies

2005-01-04 [forestfarie]: yes, im not sure what i would do without this wiki

2005-01-04 [cobwebb]: Lol

2005-01-04 [Zantia]: ? o.O

2005-01-05 [forestfarie]: lol

2005-01-05 [Dasner]: o.O?

2005-01-05 [Zantia]: my exact same thoughts das

2005-01-05 [Dasner]: Lol. ^_^

2005-01-05 [Zantia]: ^.^

2005-01-05 [Dasner]: I LOVE these fairys, though it is tough to make them.

2005-01-05 [Zantia]: no it aint:P

2005-01-05 [Dasner]: Lining them up, getting the right clothes, stuff like that.

2005-01-05 [Zantia]: oh yeathats kinda hard but oh well :P ^.^

2005-01-05 [Dasner]: Lol. I have been trying to figure out how to get them also.

2005-01-05 [Zantia]: get what ?

2005-01-05 [Dasner]: Get them out of the Make Fairies Here area.

2005-01-05 [Zantia]: oh you have to print screen then paste it into pain ^.^

2005-01-05 [Dasner]: Oh. o.o; Printing stuff is annoying. >_<

2005-01-05 [Zantia]: huh no you don't actually print it theres abutton saying printscreen on your keyboard

2005-01-05 [Dasner]: Oh. *is not computer savvy* ^_^;

2005-01-05 [Zantia]: ? savvy ?

2005-01-05 [Dasner]: Savvy. I do not understand how to work a computer. ^_^;

2005-01-05 [Zantia]: o i c

2005-01-09 [Jesssss]: My meaning of savvy is savage lol! o.0

2005-01-09 [cobwebb]: Oh :o I thought its what pirates say "savvy?"

2005-01-09 [Zantia]: lol :P

2005-01-09 [sophy; x]: cool x

2005-01-09 [Zantia]: thanks? ^.^

2005-01-09 [cobwebb]: HEHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2005-01-09 [Dasner]: Savvy means understand? Pirates aren't the only ones who use it. ^_^

2005-01-09 [Zantia]: bleh bleh bleh ..........<.<    >.>

2005-01-09 [Dasner]: o.O?

2005-01-09 [Zantia]: :P

2005-01-09 [Dasner]: ^_^

2005-01-09 [cobwebb]: God I'm bored :( lol

2005-01-09 [Zantia]: so am i -.- but i'm eating a big orange :P

2005-01-09 [cobwebb]: What a day....I'm hungry now :P

2005-01-09 [cobwebb]: Elloeeeeeeeeeeeeee

2005-01-09 [Zantia]: :P ellu! come on chat cobby

2005-01-09 [cobwebb]: I am chatting...oki i'll come on

2005-01-09 [Zantia]: goodie ^.^

2005-01-10 [forestfarie]: hello

2005-01-10 [Zantia]: hi how are you today ?

2005-01-10 [cobwebb]: Helloeeeeeeeeeeeee

2005-01-10 [forestfarie]: im am goooood

2005-01-10 [Zantia]: good^.^ me too ^.^

2005-01-10 [forestfarie]: thats GOOOOOOOOD

2005-01-12 [Zantia]: i know! :P -.- ^.^ XD

2005-01-14 [forestfarie]: hello, im back......woho

2005-01-14 [Zantia]: hi

2005-01-14 [forestfarie]: whats been popin?

2005-01-14 [Zantia]: not alot really you?

2005-01-14 [forestfarie]: same

2005-01-14 [Zantia]: hm interesting

2005-01-15 [forestfarie]: indeed

2005-01-15 [Zantia]: boredom reeks -.-

2005-01-20 [forestfarie]: yup it sux ass

2005-02-20 [zooke]: mannnnnn ur all greasy

2005-02-20 [Zantia]: Zooke i'd appreciate it if you didn't talk like that on my wiki, and silver yea, corse you can join the more the merrier :P ^.^

2005-02-20 [Zantia]: not alot really, need to think of new pages>.< anyone got any ideas?

2005-02-21 [sooty04]: yo rock

2005-02-21 [Zantia]: which girl :P me, i know :P ^.^

2005-03-10 [Zantia]: get the beat up a bit, how is everyone?

2005-03-10 [cobwebb]: Good thanks and you??

2005-03-10 [Zantia]: yeppers i'm good ^.^

2005-03-12 [Zantia]: ack we have had a wiki mess up >.< d/w it will be sorted soon 

2005-03-13 [cobwebb]: Heehehehe

2005-03-16 [Zantia]: Now back to normal yay ^.^ anyway any new ideas?

2005-03-17 [cobwebb]: Hmm, I shall get back to ya :)

2005-03-20 [Morbid Poet]: hey yall whats up???

2005-03-20 [Zantia]: Not alot, we need new idea's for fairys to make new and interesting ^.^

2005-03-21 [Morbid Poet]: what kind do u have already

2005-03-31 [Illona]: Hello Everyone

2005-04-01 [Morbid Poet]: hello how are you

2005-04-06 [SBlood]: ...

2005-04-06 [Zantia]: hm? o.o

2005-04-06 [SBlood]: nothing im just tired...

2005-06-27 [Elf masters_daughter]: I could problay draw a fairy for you so you can use it.

2005-06-27 [Synirria]: hey everyone

2005-06-28 [Dasner]: Hey!

2005-06-28 [Synirria]: Dasy ^_^

2005-06-28 [Dasner]: Hey Gothic! ^_^ *hugs*

2005-06-28 [Synirria]: *hugs back* come on ya know my name lol

2005-06-28 [Dasner]: I know, I just like to say Gothic. It's just the way I am. >> << ^_^ Ask Stephen, he'll tell you that I use rp names more than rl names.

2005-06-28 [Synirria]: *giggles* oh ok no big

2005-06-28 [Dasner]: ^_^;

2005-06-28 [Synirria]: lol

2005-09-13 [Zantia]: mreehee :D

2005-09-13 [Synirria]: :D :P

2005-09-14 [Zantia]: yay how is everyone....and lets have some ideas for fairy's :D

2005-09-14 [Synirria]: Im good and you?

2005-09-15 [Zantia]: yessums i'm good


2005-09-16 [Synirria]: Thats good

2006-03-08 [angelfish]: Hello

2006-03-08 [Zantia]: hello

2006-03-09 [angelfish]: hi

2006-12-20 [elflady15]: hi can i join??

2006-12-21 [Zantia]: Yup hehe

2006-12-21 [elflady15]: hi so what's going on??

2006-12-21 [Zantia]: not a lot...this wiki is kinda dead these days and I don't really care to take care of it...

2006-12-21 [elflady15]: oooo why

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