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2007-06-01 18:27:00
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Welcome to the Second Installment of...


Welcome to Fairy Castle where the fairies come to play!

This contest is closed, Thanks to all who participated!

If you have last minute entries, please message [Lothuriel] by June 5, 2007!

THEME: For the last Fairy Contest, the theme was anything fairy!! For this contest, the theme is a bit more specific. Each contestant must show a fairy, pixie, sprite, etc., using some other means of transportation. Exactly what do fairies use when they have a heavy load to carry? Use you imagination and be creative!! There will be actual prizes for this contest so do your best!

Deadline has been set for June 1, 2007


The rules are simple:
1. Each participant is allowed 2 original entries.

2. No vulgar, extremely violent, or pornographic images will be allowed to enter into the Fairy Castle. 

3. NO spamming, flaming, or foul language in the comment box please. 

4. All art forms welcome! ig. sculpture, painting, photogrpahs, photomanipulations, digital paintings, drawing, etc.

5.  All entries must comply with the uploading art rules and must be the original work of the participant.

6.  9. Please! No repeat entries! If one of your entries is entered in another contest, it can be disqualified. Why? Because, to me, the point of Elftown contests is not winning or loosing. My contests are designed for three main reasons:
1. To have fun!
2. To challenge our talents and force us to try new ideas, mediums and concepts.
3. To showcase our works to other Elftowners.

7. The no. 1 rule!! Have fun and be creative!

Fairy Castle 2 Contest Entries

~Please direct any questions to me, [Lothuriel] via comment box or private message. Thanks!
~Thanks to [Jitter] for the awesome fairy divider!

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2006-08-28 [Jitter]: Ohh nice!! Ty for using my divider ^_^

2006-08-29 [Lothuriel]: Thank you for making such awesome graphics!!

2006-08-29 [Jitter]: ^_______^

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