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2009-03-04 20:31:15
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Facial expressions free photos

Different facial expressions of a Swedish 35 old male. That is [Hedda].

You're free to use these photos for anything you want, but it's nice if you link back here.
Soft smile
Concentrated look
I'm tired from the flash! It hurt my eyes!
Angry look
Pouting lower lip
Drugged look
Concentrated annoyed look
Content look
Looking normal
Strange face
Friendly Smile
angry arrogant face
Perplexed look
Friende perplexed face
Goofy face.
Huge Male Smile
Fake smile
Strange smile
Heh face
The horror!!!
Oh noe!
Disgusted face
Kissing male face
Hard thinking face.
I'm right and you aren't! determined
Ouch! Surprised face.
Ending smile!

See also
Eye Photos for close-ups on the eyes.
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EPRM Face Reference.

/ [Hedda]

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2009-03-04 [Hedda]: I felt I had to do this after bombing Cillamoon's Stock Images with comments. <img:stuff/cheshmak.gif>

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