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Facial Structures 2

In this step we will be adding in our basic facial details.

Start by drawing in a set of eyes. Something to remember when it comes to the eyes, the human head is typically about 4 1/2 or 5 eye widths wide and have about an eye width space seperating them across the bridge of the nose.

As for the nose, it should fall right about where the base of the circle lies.

Next add your mouth. Also notice, that the corners of the mouth generally will land about even with the pupils in the eyes.

If you're ever in doubt about these basic principles, look in a mirror and see how close they are, I think you'll be surprised. ;)


Just continuing on, start adding the details that will define your characters features and expression. These steps may differ based on what you have your character doing.

Here I've added the upper eyelid/brow, the line that will define the characters temples, chin, some of the details in his face like frown lines, etc.

Notice how the cheek bones fall on our base circle as well.


Starting to look like a face!
Now from here if you're going to keep it human you could just keep shading it, adding more details untill you're happy with it. But if you want something other than human...well proceed to the next step.

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