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Faces to know

Name: Rosario Moretti
Info: Don of the Moretti family. Like Abba, he is very into drug dealing, though he specializes in exotic drugs more difficult to come by. He tends to keep to himself and his family and usually has his underboss or one of his Capos do business for him. He can be frequently seen at his restaurant, more often after hours to discuss family matters. He is tall, square shouldered, mustached and balding with a large nose yellowed lips from smoking cigars. His level of tolerance for people outside of his family is extremely low. He tends to conduct himself in a lay back ruthless manner and rarely keeps his promises. Over all a very unpleasant person. He is loosely tied to Abba, they collaborate on smuggling routes and unite to pressure suppliers. Together they scare away lots of competition, but Rosario does what he thinks is best for his family, not for Abba. Therefore he's hard to predict and very dangerous. 

Name: Ren
Info: Ren is a member of the Yakuza, an name for Japanese organized crime. He is a bakuto yakuza, a gambler. Under his shop he runs illegal pachinko machines (Japanese slots game) which are very popular with the surrounding residents. For such a low life, he has quite a bit of power, considering his cousin is one of the biggest gurentai (ganster) yakuza in Japan. It is best to flatter this guy to get his relatives on Abba’s side. To seem like a macho gurentai he has his entire torso, back and front tattooed with elaborate nature scenes. This is a signature gurentai look, and he likes to wear a loose shirt to show it off. He’s fat but has a look of strength and control in him. He sports a goatee, droopy eyebrows and a tight ponytail. He’s a jolly person but also a greedy and sly one. He is not shy to threaten people with his connections and is hard to get along with. 

Name: Mr. Jacks
Info: The most influential and dangerous crime lord in the slums. He is a highly educated man in the ways of law, history and psychology. He oversees a number of pimps and dealers and is over all the adviser to almost every major group in the area. He gives advise and aid and in doing so gets himself a following and a pretty piece of the profits. He doesn’t do any dirty work himself but he is the spider at the center of the web. Keeping clean keeps the cops from having anything on him. Everyone has an idea of what he does, but his amazing knowledge of legal matters prevents anyone from touching him. He has an aura of power and is in some people’s eyes unstoppable. He’ll listen to anyone who has the cash and will cooperate as long as the deal is good. He is a kind man with a sense of honor. He tends to wear sunglasses and has a buzz cut. His skin is very dark brown and blemish free. He’s tall, thin and muscular, a perfect idol in an imperfect world. He has a dashing look about him that is young and fresh.

Name: Luz
Info: Abba’s cocaine supplier in Mexico. He is extremely wealthy and employs hundreds of men to refine and package the coca plant. Since Abba handles the burros (Mules aka men who smuggle the drugs over the boarder) and the boarder guards’ bribes, Luz and Abba have a nice relationship. Luz is a middle aged slime ball of a man always in a suit and greased hair. He keeps healthy with his horseback riding and bicycling in France and is easy to talk to though he can drive a very hard bargain. He is sharp, well educated and always on guard as a man of his profession should be. He has a small army on his side so it is important to keep him happy. Luz does adore Abba though and it would take something awful to make him turn on him.

Name: Edwin O'Doherty
Info: Abba’s biggest threat, the new Irish mob head. He works along the river to acquire his questionable imports but usually sticks around in the large city a few miles over. However, he is a rival and a violent one, often finding it more convenient to pick off Abba’s men and take his shit for free. Though they tend not to collide too often, when they do it’s big, dirty and without warning. O’Doherty sees his mob as the underdog in these little gang wars and puts some patriotic zeal behind his meddling. He’s a very smart and dangerous man who is slowly gaining more and more power. He’s blonde with very pale, very freckled skin covered in pockmarks. His nose is large and round and his eyes brown and sensitive. He’s broad shouldered with large yellow teeth.

More to come.

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