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Welcome to Fables & FairyTales Contest Revisited

Refer to Fables & FairyTales Contest if you are unsure of the premise for this contest!


Banner by: [Lothuriel]


1. The picture(s) you submit MUST be a scene illustrated from one of the fables or fairytales on the list that will follow these instructions. However, you can make it modernized in some fashion if you so choose.
2. The picture(s) you submit MUST be original works. That means they came from your brain. I do not want to see a Disney or Pixar representation submitted!
3. No pornographic material will be allowed.
4. Two pictures is the max you may submit.

Use this list of Fairytales/Fables to choose your entry from

<img:> Tom Thumb
<img:> Rapunzel
<img:> Hansel and Gretel
<img:> The Ugly Duckling
<img:> The Brave Little Tailor
<img:> Rumpelstilzchen



Please post all entries under this line. Include your name..and what story you're illustrating. Thank you!

1. [Thistlewood] "Rapunzel"

2. [Mom]

3. [Arisonu] "Rapunzel" (will upload colored version)

4. [deeterhi] "The Ugly Duckling"

5. [arthemis_] "Tom Thumb"
Dutch tradition included :)

6. [Ms. Steel] 'Rumplestiltskin'

Username (or number or email):


2006-08-12 [Lothuriel]: Woot!!! *starts stalking this wiki with ninja like stealth and what not*

2006-08-12 [Daisy le Fleur]: lol its all good and ready to go!

2006-08-12 [moira hawthorne]: what forms of art are allowed? traditional drawings and paintings.. computer art.. photo manips.. photos..???

2006-08-13 [Daisy le Fleur]: =) Thank you moira for pointing that out, I forgot that part. I've made the adjustment to the paragraph stating that drawings, paintings , and photos are accepted. But the photo must be a scene enacted, not just a costume shot.

2006-08-13 [moira hawthorne]: awesome...

2006-08-13 [Cia_mar]: cool... this looks like fun!

2006-08-14 [Daisy le Fleur]: Feel free to advertise in your houses. I'll have to see what I can do about getting a formal contest banner going..

2006-08-15 [dayah]: ooh must find skydance for a refrence to draw from..yay must dooo this one...ohhh don't forget everyone its Urmondos birthday today...:D

2006-08-15 [Cia_mar]: yep , already sent him his "card"

2006-08-15 [dayah]: hehe I haven't yet, I am workiog on a picture for him...but I think I need to just tell him happy birthday anyway till I get it done..

2006-08-15 [Thistlewood]: I want to play! But I hate doing backgrounds.

2006-08-15 [dayah]: I got something in mind that won't need to much back ground to get the point acrossed...heheh :) just depends on if I an get it done...:)

2006-08-15 [Daisy le Fleur]: oh poppygosh thistle. I've seen your work you are kick ass with backgrounds! =P

2006-08-17 [Amarantha]: oh, blaassstttttt. I happen to have written several such, but none on these! Any chance a ballad might be an option? *hinthintcough'tamlin'cough*

2006-08-17 [Daisy le Fleur]: I would start making exceptions...but last year it got kind of out of hand with everyone wanting me to add more and more stories to the mix. Plus not sure how a ballad would fit in with the theme of the contest =/

2006-08-26 [Arisonu]: I'm tempted to join in. When's the deadline?

2006-08-26 [moira hawthorne]: needs a banner.. so it can be advertized better!

2006-08-27 [Daisy le Fleur]: I havent set a deadline yet, Ive been kind of trying to gauge the interest / enthusiasm from entrants.. As for banner, think I've got one Im goin to post that [Lothuriel] was so gracious to make =)

2006-08-27 [Lothuriel]: I hope you like him...*hugs*

2006-08-27 [Lothuriel]: Ack!! I cropped off the top of his crown! I can fix that if you like.

2006-08-27 [Arisonu]: Oh, it's cute. I'm kind of working on an entry, though I'm going to be away from my computer for most of next week.

2006-08-27 [Lothuriel]: I am redoing the Hansel and Gretel I started for the first one...and maybe Tom Thumb...

2006-08-27 [moira hawthorne]: I think I want to do Tom Thumb...

2006-08-27 [Daisy le Fleur]: yay! moira's here! =) whee!

2006-08-27 [moira hawthorne]: yah I finished TWO art projects today! TWO! so once my brain recovers I have about 2 dozen more...

2006-08-27 [Daisy le Fleur]: I was thinking, since there are new categories now, should I make section wiki's to divide them up, you think?

2006-08-28 [~Lady Morgana~]: Hahaha the idea is awesome!
I have a picture of me looking like the red riding hood XD
I don't think it is okay, since it is not in the list of fairytales.

2006-08-28 [Daisy le Fleur]: It was on last years list I believe though =P Yeah, it was called "little red riding cap" or something like that.

2006-08-28 [~Lady Morgana~]: Alright ^^
I would love to make something else for this ... I have to think about it though. I am not able to draw and a photomanipulation is quite hard ... *starts thinking*

2006-08-28 [moira hawthorne]: I had a cool photo of me as "little red riding hood" too! for long ago... It was a cool photo...

2006-08-28 [~Lady Morgana~]: I would like to see it! :O

2006-08-28 [moira hawthorne]: I have to find it.... O.O 

2006-09-05 [ceridwen]: "This is a new animal so I want new material!"

New animal?? I'm a bit confused... what animals?

2006-09-05 [moira hawthorne]: methaphorical.... new animal = a new contest on the same theme as the first/last year Fables & FairyTales Contest! 

2006-09-05 [ceridwen]: Oh... Wow. I feel stupid. >.<

2006-09-05 [moira hawthorne]: *petpet* we are alol guilty of that at one time or another...

2006-09-05 [Daisy le Fleur]: Hehe, =P no worries... Its a line I heard in a movie "New animal" I liked it and it stuck for some reason. The contest is just a spin off of last year's contest I did. Only last year, there were a numerous amount of stories to choose from and only paintings/drawings were allowed. This year, Im hopin to see photos, photo manipulations provided they adhere to the rules...and by modernized I meant, set in modern day but again, adhering to the rules if one wishes to enter such. =)

2006-09-11 [Thistlewood]: YAY! Another entry!  They are so cute [Mom], I love them!

2006-09-11 [Mom]: Thanks...=} Your's inspired me to try.

2006-09-11 [moira hawthorne]: oooo cute!

2006-09-11 [Perplexity]: So adorable I wanna eat them up like the old witch! =9

2006-09-11 [~Lady Morgana~]: It looks awesome [Mom]! :D

2006-09-11 [Mom]: Thank You...

2006-09-11 [Lothuriel]: Wow [Mom]! You are on a roll! Great job, I could just eat them all up! ( No pun intended)

2006-09-12 [Mom]: Thanks...they were so much fun to do.

2006-09-14 [Daisy le Fleur]: Woot! neat entry Arisonu!, cant wait to see colored version =)

2006-09-14 [moira hawthorne]: that is very coool...

2006-09-14 [Perplexity]: Eep, that old lady is creeeeepy *hides*

2006-09-14 [~Lady Morgana~]: Hehehee! It looks great! :D

2006-09-14 [Arisonu]: The old lady isn't so bad, just misguided in her attempt to raise a young girl without contact from the outside world.

2006-09-14 [Lady of Lore]: and maybe has an obsession with pretty hair because her's is not so she over compensates with ^ ^

2006-09-15 [Arisonu]: Maybe.

2006-09-27 [Daisy le Fleur]: **crickets** too quiet in here!

2006-10-06 [Daisy le Fleur]: Im hoping to get at least Ten Entries , so if you are working on something let me know so I'll have an idea of how many are actually going to have an entry please =)

2006-10-06 [moira hawthorne]: Im gonna one brewing....

2006-10-06 [Lothuriel]: I am almost finished with mine. Babies have been sick and things have been crazy!!

2006-10-06 [Lady of Lore]: working on mine...I just haven't been happy with my results yet....

2006-10-07 [Daisy le Fleur]: ahh k =) thanks ladies

2006-10-09 [Lady of Lore]: *sighs* still not right yet...I'll get there eventually...

2006-12-01 [Daisy le Fleur]: **yawn** Im gonna go watch some paint dry...who's with me?

2006-12-01 [moira hawthorne]: oooooooooooooooooo sh*t i forgot this one... too many other things got ahead of it... *searches thru random piles* i had a sketch idea for this... for Tom Thumb...

2006-12-01 [Daisy le Fleur]: Yaaaay /love moira =) now back to that paint drying....hrmm..

2006-12-01 [moira hawthorne]: hey if you have nothing better to do than watch paint dry I have tonnes of work you can help me with!

2006-12-01 [Daisy le Fleur]: woot, lemme at it. /is very bored. /wishes my wiki's generated more results. /sniffles

2006-12-01 [moira hawthorne]: want to brush the dog or wash dishes.. or do you know how to fix a 23'sh yr old dryer?

2006-12-01 [Daisy le Fleur]: lol hehe, I'll do the dishes../flexes muscles...Im a pro at that!

2006-12-02 [moira hawthorne]: AWESOME! its a job that never ends!

2007-02-05 [Empee]: Is it allowed to combine different Fairy Tales?

2007-02-05 [Daisy le Fleur]: Heh at this point, I'm willing to negotiate terms. This contest has been up for eons already, so please.. feel free. just try to stay within the theme/rules as suggested. Thanks =)

2007-02-05 [moira hawthorne]: Im sorry for my part... I never got to that part of my 'TO DO LIST' that had this contest on it... and Im moody and my inspiration moves along without stopping like some freeky butterfly on crack...

2007-02-05 [Lady of Lore]: I'm in the same boat as you moira ^_^

2007-02-05 [moira hawthorne]: maybe we can both beat our muses back in this direction... ???

2007-02-06 [Daisy le Fleur]: heh, I've noticed I want to draw when I have music on. Moody music in Nickel Creek, The Cranberries, Jewel..etc

I turn that on and I just get really into it.

2007-02-07 [Lady of Lore]: muse comes when I'm really sleepy like after I get out of ballroom dancing and its Maybe we can knock them back this way....

2007-06-28 [moira hawthorne]: my muses are very ill disciplined... they like to come when I have NO time or NO energy,... when Im most busy... when my son needs me the most! they are perverse and jealous... and yet when I do have time for them... where are they!?!?

2007-06-28 [Lothuriel]: GOSH, for the first time in forever I am inspired but can't seem to find the time to draw!! This week I have 2 bday parties, oops no...3 bday parties--forgot bout my own--Vacation Bible School, swtiching out the kids' rooms and 1000 other things, lol...

2007-06-28 [moira hawthorne]: I had an idea for Tom Thumb but my props for it have been buried under a million other things half completed or set aside to do ... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... my house resembled the site of a tornado releif station!

2008-01-26 [deeterhi]: i've been meaning to enter this contest for a loooooong time and i finally got around to doing something :) it's so sad when the duckling finally comes out and everyone's pecking and biting him :(

2008-01-28 [Daisy le Fleur]: awww >< i love it! Thanks for entering =) Woot, new activity!

2008-07-13 [Daisy le Fleur]: Forgot about this place.. Need to readvertise for it dont I?

2008-07-13 [Lothuriel]: I can make a pretty new banner with my new program!

2008-07-13 [Daisy le Fleur]: Oh!! *claps happily like a lil kid* =D Could you?? I still like mah frog though, but custom Pam art is teh sexy.

2008-07-13 [Lothuriel]: aw, shucks...LOL

No prolbemo! I'll get on it first thing in the morning. I have to get in the bed early tonight.

2008-07-13 [Thistlewood]: I should advertise too!

2008-09-20 [Daisy le Fleur]: Dammit man, I dont want to officially declare this a dead wiki >< lol

2008-09-20 [Thistlewood]: Advertise on main street.

2008-09-20 [Daisy le Fleur]: how?

2008-09-20 [Thistlewood]: Contact one of the mainstreet bosses and ask them. Maybe Loth knows one.

2008-09-20 [Daisy le Fleur]: K, thanks =)

2008-09-20 [Thistlewood]: No prob. :)

2008-09-20 [Artsieladie]: This contest has been added to MC and on Mainstreet. Thanks to [Lothuriel] for giving me the info! Hope the advertising helps! :D

2008-09-20 [Daisy le Fleur]: Woot! Thanks so much!

2008-09-22 [Artsieladie]: You're welcome much! <img:stuff/cheshmak.gif>

2008-09-29 [arthemis_]: I'm in! :D Count me in!

2008-09-29 [Daisy le Fleur]: Sweet!

2008-10-15 [arthemis_]: and now for inspiration... <img:44166_1164145160.gif>

2008-10-16 [Daisy le Fleur]: Heh, go watch "The brothers Grimm" lol they cover just about all the stories in that one movie ;)

2008-10-23 [arthemis_]: Hihi, I'm busy with Tom Thumb :) with a twist of Dutch :) What kind of proofphoto do I need when making polymere-clay art? Or is 3D not allowed?

2008-10-24 [Daisy le Fleur]: I dont really require proof photos, but if you want to do one just something with ET on it I suppose.

3D is great so long as it follows the rules =)

2008-11-17 [Daisy le Fleur]: omg how cute!!

2008-11-18 [arthemis_]: Thanks :D (if it's meant for me that is) :P

2009-01-09 [Ms. Steel]: Still accepting entries? :-)

2009-01-10 [Daisy le Fleur]: lol sure..

2010-02-24 [Daisy le Fleur]: As with any contest, I just dont want to close this one. Tryin to breathe new life into it.

2010-02-25 [Ms. Steel]: It has so much promise, really. Maybe it just needs some advertising. :-) I'll put it in my mood, if you don't mind.

2010-02-25 [Daisy le Fleur]: not at all, thank you

2010-07-12 [Nioniel]: :)

2010-07-12 [Daisy le Fleur]: Woohoo, thanks for the advertising in your house =)

2010-07-12 [Nioniel]: No problem!
Would you like me to do a mass invite?

2010-07-12 [Daisy le Fleur]: Hermm...well, that is up to you..if you know of people that would be interested and wouldn't be peeved about being "mass invited." Some folks are very touchy.

2010-07-12 [Nioniel]: Ah, well, if they don't like it, they don't have to participate, and it could give the contest a good bump.
I think mostly that if people don't want to participate, they simply won't do more than look the page over real quick and move along onto their other business.

2010-07-12 [Daisy le Fleur]: I agree, and ditto on the page bump!

2010-07-12 [Nioniel]: W007!
*goes for it*

2010-07-12 [Flisky]: Is there a deadline???

2010-07-13 [Skydancer]: Hmmmmmm.

2010-07-13 [dancingsheep]: *lurks*

2010-07-13 [Daisy le Fleur]: No deadline has been set, this contest has been running for quite some time now.. heh heh, just needs more interest!

2010-07-20 [Foxy Shazam]: I like this concept. You should try for a photography version of this contest. Could be fun, and there could be humorous entries :)

2010-07-20 [Daisy le Fleur]: Not bad.. I wouldnt mind adding a section for photography honestly. Anyone else think it would go well?

2010-07-20 [Nioniel]: I'd like to say yes, but honestly, participation has been way down on this site (clearly) so I don't know that you'd get more than one or two entries.

2010-07-20 [Foxy Shazam]: That is true, I must admit. It would be worth giving it a shot, though, I think. Why not try something like a trial period? Open it up for a month and see who is interested. If it's less than five/ten people, close it down. With the right advertising it could have potential. If not this "trial period", try a public poll and see what the photographers from similar wikis think about the idea?

2010-08-21 [Rondel]: Count me appreciative of the invite. I've only recently come back to this site after a long period of social inactivity, and it was the invite that led me here. I'll have to see if I can get something done up in a reasonable period of time; I know that I found Wynken, Blynken, and Nod to be a surprisingly useful inspiration for one of my first oekaki experiments, even though the result was far outside of my usual style... ...I think this kind of genre can be useful for getting people to play with ideas that might not otherwise have occurred to them. I know I found some of the entries to be a surprising departure from the kind of imagery I associate with some of the entrants (including some whose artwork I tend to remember and look for, whenever I see their names on an art site) -- but a good one, don't get me wrong! :D

2011-02-05 [Crimson]: I haven't felt like doing anything in quite a while...but I've recently read some of the fun...more morbid versions of these fairy tails so I have a little inspiration.
Now if I could only get my scanner working again...or buy a new one...

2011-02-08 [Daisy le Fleur]: Most of these came from the Grimm Brothers who were not so "Disney" about the morals and depictions of characters I"m always interested to see what folks come up with.

2011-02-27 [Crimson]: I just wish they still circulated the original "Grimm Tales"...the ones that included all the sexual references and violence...not the "toned down" version that is out now. :/

2011-02-27 [Viking]: It is still available. You just have to look for it.

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