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The Crew

This is the page for character creation. Fill this out and send it to me [Tekkon KinKreet] and i will put your character here.

Player name:

Character Name:

Character Race:

Character Description:

Short Character History:

Favored Blaster: Hand Blaster(pistol), Laser Rifle (Semi-auto rifle that can have an attached scope and other attachments), Auto laser (Same as laser rifle but automatic and limited attachments), Heavy laser (A laser that shoots a heavy concentrated beam, used mostly for anti vehicle combat.)

Ship System Skills:

Player name: [Tekkon KinKreet]

Character Name: Arden Cruz

Character Race: Arden is a Human male.

Character Description: Arden has very tan skin, almost to the point of looking what Old Earthers would call African American. He prefers to wear lighter colors when on planet, and dark blue colored clothing when on a ship. Short cropped light brown hair adorns his head, and it is nearly always messy. These features are rarely the first thing noticed however, as his piercing blue eyes command attention. Across his back is a large scar, going from the middle of his right shoulder blade to his lower back, just a bit below his pants line. His chest bears a large tatoo, situated left of his heart. The tatoo itself is the skull of a mantis. Around his waist is a belt, usually filled with medicines, small gadgets, food rations, and water. On his left hip he has a holster for his side arm. He prefers baggy pants on planet, but wears skin tight pants when on ship. On planet or aboard ship his shoes are military issue combat boots.

Short Character History: Arden was born and raised on a mining colony on a desert planet. His parents were colony lifers and miners. Resenting the life of a miner, Arden instead chose to join the colonies defense force, where he served most of his time as a private. His superiors payed him little attention until the colony was attacked by a mantis slaver ship. Arden, by a stroke of luck, wasn't present for the initial attack. Upon discovery of the attack, Arden's first instinct was to run, which he quickly did. However, on the edge of town he had a change of heart and returned to where the mantis were loading prisoners. Grabbing a discarded heavy laser, Arden attacked, managing to free the prisoners before the full force of the mantis ship could convene on the position. During the fight he was cut across his back, a deep and serious wound. As he fell, he turned and shot the mantis in the eye, killing it instantly. He passed out shortly after, coming to hours later in a doctors office. The mantis had been repeled and Arden was a hero.
During his recovery, the Rebels carried out their coup. Arden watched the news every day. His announcement to join the federation came soon after.

Favored Blaster: Arden prefers laser rifles and hand blasters. Although he was trained in the defense force to use all weapons, he is less than proficient with heavy blasters and auto blasters. He is also proficient in hand to hand combat.

Ship System Skills: Arden is trained in sensor processes and has limited flight experience.

Player Name: [Nuktae-tal]

Character name: Slave or Three

Character race: Engi

Character Description: usually possessing a slight greenish hue rather than the common blue, Slave keeps a female humanoid shape for the most part.long and lanky, thin not giving itself much sexual appeal as far as the figure it uses. It wears tight pants always, a tank top with a button down navy work shirt several sizes too big, knee high boots tightly laced. For some odd reason Slave mimics the hairstyle of each human it is around. When alone Slave keeps a bald visage.

Short Character History: Slave had for a long time been just that, a slave the third to work on the mantis slave ship. Slave worked on engines most of its life. When the mantis ship was attacked on a small mining desert planet. Slave was freed or rather escaped and was then lost. Slave tried to help the mining town with their machines but it. Became clear Slave was a ship's mechanic. So when the human who had first attacked the ship decided to join the federation, Slave decided that it would to and followed him. Slave was taken at a young age, it dislikes violence, but enjoys working or seems to. Slave is nonviolent, often working instead of anything else, Slave had learned from the other two slaves how to fix engines on ships. Slave recalls only bare memories of its home world.

Favored Blaster: laser rifle

Ship System Skills: Engine Operations/Mechanics

Player name: [Celtore]

Character Name: Morga Kreed

Character Race: Human

Character Description: Morga is a gorgeous and leggy woman in her twenties. Her long dark-brown almost black hair reaches past her hips. Most days she wears it braided, but on occasion she’ll have it loose, flowing freely. She enjoys wearing tight fitting cargo pants and tank tops, often covered up by a leather jacket. She is always in boots and be it high-heeled or combat boots, they are always leather. She almost always wears an aviator hat and goggles and carries a small pouch of tools in one of her pockets. <img50*0:>

Short Character History: Morga’s has been on her own for a very long time. Her parent’s were killed in a car accident when she was six years old. She had gone to live with her mother’s sister, that’s what she had called her, not aunt but mother’s sister, for a couple of years but it didn’t work out because her mother’s sister couldn’t handle Morga dismantling all her electronics. That was Morga’s thing, electronics, she loves trying to figure them out and putting them back together, better if she can. Now she’s out on her own working for a small tech company wishing her life was better.

Favored Blaster: Heavy laser, because of a long load time she is also proficient with the Hand Blaster.

Ship System Skills: Computer specialist on all aircrafts.

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