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The different types of Laser and Blasters are listed here.

Laser rifle- A semi automatic laser weapon. Laser rifles are highly accurate and very charge efficient. With slight modifications, a laser rifle can also become a sniper rifle. When tuned this way, the power output is usually tuned up, giving each charge pack less shots. They can also be tuned to be automatic, giving the charge pack less power but more shots and a higher fire rate.

Heavy Laser- Heavy lasers have thicker beams with a high power concentration, They are usually far more bulkier and harder to weild than basic laser rifles. However they also boast a much higher beam concentration. They can be tuned to fire several high concentration shots, or tuned to fire a continuous focused beam. The charge packs are large and take several seconds to change out. Heavy lasers are maily used as anti ship and anti drone weapons.

Gatling Laser- Gatling Lasers are large bulky, automatic, high fire rate and charge capacity machines of death. Capable of suppressing and entire squad single handedly for nearly a full minute, most squads have at least one among their ranks. A gatling lasers only downfall is the long reload time due to the large size of the charge pack.

Hand Blasters- Hand blasters come in various styles. Semi automatic is the most common, though there are models that fire in full auto and burst modes. Blasters use traditional bullets, giving them excellent stopping power in close quarters, and noticably decreased power and accuracy at ranges exceeding 20 yards.

Grenades- There are many variations on the grenade. From shrapnel, which sends out small metal scraps on explosion to rip through any person unfortunate enough to be standing nearby, to E.M.P. grenades, which interfere with ship systems and weapons for a short amount of time. There are also incendiary, smoke, stun, and plasma grenades.

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