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FTL: Ships

Each race has a basic model of ships that have common load-outs. When encountering these ships in space, the player should be familiar, in at least a vague sense, of their capabilities. All ships have five rooms or decks in common; weapons deck (weapon control and targeting), engine bay, bridge (navigation and coms), the shield deck (shield repair, shield output), and the oxygen room. And all ships except for slug ships have sensor rooms. The only exception being cargo ships. They usually don't have weapons bays and instead rely on armed escorts.

These are descriptions of the most common load-outs of every races ship, including weapon and shield types. For visual reference, you can go to

Human ships- Human ships always have a med-bay, and on rare occasions a clone bay takes its place. Their weapons mainly consist of a balanced mix of lasers and missiles, and on rare occasions a human ship has a bot deck, allowing them to deploy defense or attack drones. Military ships almost always have ship to ship teleporters for boarding and hostile takeovers.

Rockman ships- Rockman ships are mostly the same as human ships with two exceptions. They focus on beam and missile weaponry, preferring to use the missiles innate shield piercing ability to bring about quick ends to a battle. The other difference is ship structure. The other difference is rockmen hulls. The rockmen have found a way to create super hardened metals, making their ships hulls more resistant to damage than other races ships.

Mantis ships- mantis ships are also much like human vessels except that they are structurally different and they have a fondness of teleporting bombs and boarding using a teleporter. The bombs teleport inside a ships shielding but are not very accurate and create a huge power drain when used, so they are usually a last ditch effort weapon. Aside from the bombs, mantis ships usually carry laser weaponry. Another difference is the pheromones mantis ships integrally create, causing mantis to frenzy before fights, making their boarding parties extremely effective per unit, but less likey to co-operate effectively.

Slug ships- Slug ships are distinctly different from other races ships due to the fact that they have come up with a solution, presumably harvested from their own bodies, that automatically repairs hull breaches. The fluid runs through the ships hull via piping, and when a hull breach occurs, it leaks out into the breach, where it hardens, creating a temporary but effective repair. Slugs weapon of choice is an anti bio beam weapon, and they use laser weaponry as a secondary. The anti bio beam does no damage to the ship itself, but does direct damage to the crew, creating a sick sensation that gets progressively worse as the victim is exposed to the beam, until they die. They have to keep up a steady barrage with the lasers however, as shields significantly dampen the effects of the beam.

Engi ships- Engi ships are vastly different from other races ships. Becuase of their robotic nature they prefer to use a cloning bay instead of a regular med-bay. The system stores the dna of each crew member as data, and upon the death of a crew member, it automatically boots up, accesses this data, and reproduces the unit perfectly. This however takes a considerable toll on the mind/processing power of the unit, leaving them disoriented and nearly useless for a considerable amount of time. Engi ships use ion weaponry, but focus most of their resources on bot warfare, using boarding, defense, and attack drones to do their fighting for them. The ion laser disrupts the function of whatever system it hits, putting the system in a shutdown state for a short time, while simultaneously locking any crew member out of the system.

Zoltan ships- Zoltan ships use beam and missile weaponry. The thing to note about zoltan ships is their unique shielding technology. Instead of being weak but quickly charging like most other ships, zoltan shielding is incredibly durable, and even has the ability to block missiles. The downside is that it has no recharge, and instead relies on a recharge drone to go outside the ship and directly re-enable the shielding. Also, because of zoltan composition, zoltan ships have nearly infinite energy resources.

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