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Is there a story behind your username?
Well the full name was taken so I shortened it. It was supposed to be Eraisuithiel (Air-eye-soo-ee-thee-ell) which is Elvish for Michelle. Which is my real name. *smiles* I see all my friends on here with cool names that they've stuck with for years. Ive never found that one name so I just settled for something that matched me and sounded pretty. But I'm still not happy with it.

Do you know Elvish?
No not really. I've researched it and use it in a lot of my roleplays but I cant actually speak it if you were to walk up to me on a street. Though that would be awesome, like having a conversation in German. We should make Elvish an actual language.

What is it you mostly do on Elftown?
I role play...role play... and role play some more. Thats all I get on here for really. But its enough to bring me back over and over lol

What types of role-plays do you prefer?
I like it to have some romance in it. Because lets be honest...where there's romance, there's drama and it keeps the role-play interesting. I also prefer fantasy. You know, elves, dragons, orcs, etc. Its an entirely different world and I love being in it. Its a way for all the stress of the day to just be washed away. I can step out of reality and play in this fantasy life. Sometimes I even wish it were real.

Do you write outside of role-playing?
I attempt to. Ive actually started a book a little over a year ago but at some point in time I got too stressed and side tracked and haven't gone back yet. I've had a few friends read what I have so far and they're all begging for more. I should really start writing it again. In a way its a good thing though, that ive taken a break, because I'm practicing and bettering my writing and in the end that'll benefit my book immensely. Ill be more talented and be able to out more detail. It'll make for a better read.

What are your other interests and hobbies?
Reading, love reading. I try to read as much as possible.



And Salt Water Fish

Do you like video games or table top games?
Ive never played a table top game so video games. I enjoy World of Warcraft(I like every expansion), Guild Wars 1 & 2, Skyrim, Counter Strike: Source, Final Fantasy, Drakengard, Zelda(Ocarina of Time is my favorite though), Pokemon(all of them), Mortal Kombat, Star Wars: Old Republic, Sims, annnnd.... I think that's it lol

What do you make when you crochet?
Anything really. Im always up for trying new things. Ive made purses, totes, wallets, headbands, coin purses, scarves, booties. I just finished a poke'ball and I am in the process of making a pillow and an eevee. But as I said I'm up for anything. I love trying out a new pattern. Ige made it into a business because I love it so much.!/home.php?soft=side-area&__user=501754751

What does your love of salt water fish pertain to?
Have you ever seen a video of the ocean? Thats reason enough really. Its so beautiful and amazing. We wanted a little piece of the beauty in our home. But really, my husband got into to start with. We began with these two little Betta tanks. Those only lasted a couple of weeks before we bought them two 10 gallon tanks. Slowly we added fish. After a while we transferred all the fish(which wasn't much) to one tank and turned the other to a salt water. After that we just kept getting bigger tanks. Now we have a 75, 55, and 12 nano. The 55 is our main tank. It has a pair of clowns, flame angel, yellow eyed kole tang, Niger trigger, flasher wrasse, scooter blenny, and a yellow watchman goby. Its a very soothing hobby but it can get expensive. But once you're hooked, you never go back. We've gotten a lot of people into the hobby.

Do you keep other pets?
We have two dogs. A beagle named Rosco (Rosco pea coal train;-) ) and a husky/German shepherd mix named Diesel. I want more though...horses, dogs, cats, I want a farm full of animals. It'll happen some day... I'm very determined. And my husband is all for it so that's a plus. He made the agreement if we cant have kids we can spend that money on animals.

What do you do for a living?
I work at the deli inside Walmart. For now at least. Its just a stressful bump in the road until I can really decide what I want to do for the rest of my life. I seem to be stuck at the moment and cant really decide what I want to be "when I grow up". By the way, I don't suggest this job to anyone unless they enjoy a stressful environment. My manager says every deli is the same. Though ours is packed full of old women who like to start drama. Its crazy how immature they are.

What genres of books do you read?
I really enjoy romance, mystery/murder, some teen books. Sherrilyn Kenyon and Nora Roberts are my favorite authors. Give me anything by them and I'll read it. The Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games Trilogy, House of Night series, Head Games, and The Dark Hunter series are my some of my favorite books. I think they are all wonderfully written and suggest them to anyone to read, especially the Dark Hunter series. I like that series so much I have a tattoo from it.

What do you like most about science fiction and fantasy?
Well it's just that, a fantasy. None of its real so it just makes it that more intriguing. It makes you think. Its an entirely different world for you to grab onto a delve into. Take Harry Potter for instance. My all time favorite fantasy world. So many things go on and its such an adventure! It makes reading exciting!

Is there anything particular that you like about Elftown?
The people mostly. I took a few years off from Elftown a while back and my main reason for coming back were the friends I'd made. I feel like Elftown is one of those sites that brings people together and you can create life long friendships. Ive met one person from Elftown in person. [The Black Cat in Your Path] stayed with us for a week. [Artsy] I consider one of my absolute closest friends. If it weren't for the people and the bonds I've created, I probably wouldn't have a reason to keep returning.

How did you end up on Elftown?
Sophomore year of high school a new girl became my best friend. We hit it off easily and fast and she introduced me to it. [Illona] is her name. She doesn't get on anymore but I thank her for introducing me to this wonderful place.

Do you have any questions, comments or criticisms about any particular Elftown matter?
One thing I've always thought of... well at least since having a smart phone is, Elftown needs an app, like for the android or iphone. It would be awesome!!! It's a little quieter around here than it used to be, which is sad, but I guess people grew up and moved on. Other than that you guys are doing a marvelous job, keep up the good work!

What is your advice to all Elftowners?
Be creative. If you're feeling down and lost in your work, just remember what you've done before is wonderful and you can do it again.

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