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Is there a story behind your username?
Not really. I joined Elftown at the urging of [Purple Artichoke] back in the day. While signing up I asked her what my username should be, and she suggested "The Penguin Who Could Fly". I've always thought it sounded like an adorable childrens' story that would be fun to illustrate, so I kept it.

What is it you mostly do on Elftown?
I love being able to follow all the great artists who share their work around the website. I follow a lot of diaries to see all the interesting articles and art and other things members share. I keep in touch with a couple friends I've made here.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of Elftown?
Makin' art is kinda my thing. I make prints and paint, and make books. I play 2 campaigns in a Pathfinder RPG with my boyfriend and a couple other friends. I crochet when I'm procrastinating on something. I also read (very slowly), mostly books about art theory and criticism, and fantasy books. My boyfriend and I have been collaborating on an idea for a steampunky comic, and I'm hoping to get it off the ground a little bit this year.

What kind of prints do you make?
I like to print intaglio using copper etchings. Though I do more in the way of relief now that I'm out of school, and don't have access to a studio.

I prefer to work in oils, painting observationally Since I've been away from school, I do more drawing and watercolors.

How do you make books?
I make books by sewing signatures of paper together, and binding them to hard covers. I made a book using letterpress and relief printed illustrations once. I would like to do more of that type of work again!

Do you play other table top RPGs?
I started out playing DnD 3.5 edition. I usually play rougey characters. We also had a group playing an indie game called Apocalypse World. That one was a whole lot of fun, I highly recommend it if you can get a group of friends together.

What all do you crochet?
I mostly crochet hats, blankets, and scarves.

Are you studying art theory and criticism in college?
I graduated about two years ago from Art School with my BFA. :D I majored in painting and printmaking, but I've always had a strong interest in art history and criticism.

Do you do commissions for your art and craft work?
I don't usually do commission work, but I'm open to it. I'll also sell any of my existing works, and I still have a lot of prints left over from my last show. :D

What inspires you to make art and crafts?
I've always loved it and found myself driven to it. I was given my first sketchbook when I was 9 and was constantly drawing. Back in the day I loved anime, it really lead me to make up my own stories and draw original characters. In art school, I focused a great deal more on working observationally. In art school (in mine at least) there's this real disconnect between art and craft, and the latter is often looked on as "low art" and not taken as seriously. As a result I ended up making a lot of quilts and printing on fabric. One of the first books I made had a soft quilted cover. It's interesting because a lot of the things that inspire me and motivate me aren't held in high regard by the high art community. I try to be aware of themes or methods from art history while also being influenced by anime, rpgs, cartoons, and fantasy novels.

Why are you drawn toward rogue classes with RPGs?
They're so fun to play! A lot of the people I play with tend towards spellcasters or fighters, so I like to round out the party with a good skills-based character. I love my trapfinding and sneak attacks.

Do you still write stories?
I help my boyfriend with our comic a little, but no, I don't really write stories as much as I used to. I mostly come up with broader concepts and characters.

What are some of your favorite anime titles?
My favorite is Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I recommend it and the original FMA even to people who don't typically like anime because it's such a great story and the characters are so great. I also love everything Miyazki and Studio Ghibli! Howl's Moving Castle is too beautiful. I also love Fooly Cooly, especially because of the art style and the way the action scenes are animated. I also like Wolf's Rain, Outlaw Star, Fruits Basket, Chobits, and there will alsways be a place in my heart for Sailor Moon.

Do you also read manga?
Nope, never got into manga too much for some reason.

Do you believe there should be a disconnect between arts and crafts?
No, of course not. I think it's really weird that there is so often. To me, it's all part of how people are made to communicate with each other and express themselves. It shouldn't matter if you do this through traditional pottery or if you make a contemporary video piece. I believe art is born out of a person's intention and the act of the artist and audience reaching to understand each other.

What is art to you?
To me, art is anything that allows individuals to communicate and allows an audience to react to it. I think there is audience for anything. As long as an piece is important to a person, I think it has artistic merit.

What do you do for a living?
I do temp office work. Right now, I'm in a long term contract with a major company working on maps.

Cartography sounds like it would be interesting
It is interesting work. It's been fun.

What kind of maps have you worked on?

I work on maps all over the U.S. that can be accessed online and via mobile. I've worked in areas from rural to metropolitan. I can't really go into it more than that, as I signed a non-disclosure agreement.

Do you ever showcase your art work at art shows?
I haven't so much. I had a show last year at a small local shop, but haven't had as much free time this year to put something together.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?
-Practice your art every day. Even if it's only sketches or freewrites, whether you want to or not, whether you think it's any good or not, you should make yourself work. To grow and produce worthwhile work, you have to simply produce a lot of work, or varying quality.
-Don't shy away from doing something different or taking a break from your usual style or methods. You might discover something new.
-Talk to people about art. Let them ask you questions that are hard to answer. Don't let criticism hurt your feelings, instead try to feel a sense of resolve from it. Most of the time, it's not personal.
-Never stop loving what you do.

What do you like most about science fiction and fantasy?
Fantasy and sci-fi can serve as a great escape, since the content is so different than the sort of day to day life I have. I find, though, I'm more drawn to the the parallels that exist when characters appear very real or remind me of people I know, or when themes or events mirror real life. I love when a story seems so different than my own life, but I can relate to it anyway.

What is your advice for all Elftowners?
Be awesome to each other.
Don't send pictures of your body parts unsolicited to anyone!
No, seriously, though, there are a lot of really great people here on Elftown, who make amazing things, do incredible work outside ET, and have awesome stories to share. If you're going to be part of Elftown, get to know some of these folks.

Have any critique/comments/suggestions/admiration etc. on a specific Elftown matter?
Nothing in particular actually. I'm overall pretty satisfied with Elftown the way it is.

And lastly 2 pictures of you to use for the feature?


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