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2004-02-20 22:57:51
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Tell me why I rock, and I'll give you a fan art!

-[Aradon Templar] You obviously rock, because you are so willing to give people art for simple words. You must be a great artist. Therefore, you rock. *wonders if he actually will get a Fan Art* hehe.

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2004-03-07 [Aradon Templar]: umm.. i guess nobody is going to give me art because im the only one watching this page...

2004-04-08 [ERRIN]: .....

2004-04-08 [ERRIN]: ...

2004-04-08 [Aradon Templar]: lol

2004-04-08 [Aradon Templar]: bs, of course

2006-10-01 [sme]: Well then here we go, hows this for your liking. Yes you rock, heaps of people here do, and if your going to be so kind as to offer me something so soon after getting here, Id be stoked. Best wishes from the house of Sme

2008-01-04 [flexxx]: was this even made by me?

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