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2008-11-07 16:28:05
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FIZZIX review

Alright peepz. Listen up. You all have heard of Go-Gurts, right??? Well, FIZZIX are EXACTLY like Go-Gurts.
EXCEPT 1,000 timez better!

Its like eating a frozen, yogurty soda. ([not as gross as it soundz]). That fizzy feel you feel in your mouth from the carbonation from the soda ([ergo the name]). It is yummy ^^ and comes in all of the flavors ([+ more]) than Go-Gurts come in!!

/ [Rook.]

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2008-11-07 [Give Me Red]: yeah i like it but the fizz dies down half way through

2008-11-07 [Rook.]: ehh... only if you freeze it, though.

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