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2010-10-24 23:46:10
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F.A.C.T.S. 10

I wasn't sure if I could make I kind of had to rush it. But I'm glad I did. I actually had to burrow somebody's car to get there. 8B But I did get there.

I don't know why I did this to myself though. Last year was crowdy, this year it was WORSE! I had clumsy spells, lost my concentrating and I botched a lot of photos. But it was a messed up way.

Not that many good costumes when I was there...mostly Manga characters I don't know (or care to know)...

But hey, Murdock and Faceman were there.

P.S.: I need more practice with flash photography. I suck at it. Also, my photo bag is rainproof...I'm not...I found that out the hard way.

It was impossible to get them both in the same shot...same goes for Dwight Schultz and Dirk Benedict during the Q & A...
I didn't recognize her at first. Somehow, Uwe Boll manages to make her look taller than she is, but he doesn't have to do anything to make her look good...
Double yay!
I couldn't figure out which one was Noah Hathaway...but apparently the tattood guy is Atreyu...or Boxey, seeing as he's seated next to Lt. Starbuck.
Yes, Robert Picardo's not a hologram...he's flesh and bone and he nearly knocked me down...
Oh no, R2!!! They've stuffed you with more crap than "The Phantom Menace"...who'd do such a thing? Oh...yeah...him...
Same Doctor as last year...he even recognized me...8D
Yes, this was IRON MAN!
The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries...I just couldn't get a clear shot at that extra beefy Conan...a massive wave of crowd rolled in.
This Trinity insisted on sending her my photos, so I flipped business card at her.
Is this Sparta?
I thought I could get a second opinion from the Doctress, but she and Irma Prunesquallor kept on ignoring me.
They were green screening people here.
That was green screened Sub Zero...
Ah, that takes me back...
Then Chun Li and Ryu got green screened...
Ah, at least they took the trash out of the R2D2's...
Oh yeah...
Kick-Ass guy...
He, or she got a lot of attention...

/ [Cassave]

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