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2009-10-18 14:22:49
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F.A.C.T.S. 09

Well, …I saw in [Yncke]'s diary that, Pulp Deluxe (and she) was going to be at F.A.C.T.S.

Off I went to Ghent.

I have to say: I was not expecting this. The conventions I usually go to are about interior, design and books and boring stuff and what not, but his was a serious crowd. Usually I get stressed in a crowd, but here I was just having a blast!

I quickly found out that most cosplayers are great fun to photograph, 'cos they'll just jump into a pose or even act out stuff if you (or a lot of people) ask nicely. Others I found annoying because they were people with awesome costumes, but they just ignored anyone with a camera. Even if you asked them nicely. Why on earth dress up in such a cool way, and then ignore anyone with a cam?

I couldn't shoot the cosplay event on stage, because, that little pop-out flash in the Canon has limited distance. So in the future, I'll need an external flash for any indoor photography, 'cos a lot the stuff I took turned out crap.

Oh, and I did manage to find [Yncke], even though wasn't sure what she looked like. I identified her by her artwork.

There was a bit of a cue in the morning. Nothing too bad, the cue moved on steadily.
Missed a flight out of the planet Hoth. Now I'm stuck here.
This is where they aired out the Imperial Stormtroopers. I didn't know these helmets have real voice scramblers. Kind of intimidating.
That biker scout was kind of fat. Probably fell of his ride.
Fred was fingering me!
It's Pyramid Head! Everybody loves you Pyramid Head!
Former hobby o' mine.
That was the only Doctor there. Such a shame.
Padme, two storm troopers, Wario, Luigi and Mario walk into a bar...
She just saw a camera and jumped into this pose. So I took a picture. I don't really know who she was supposed to be.
This was actually kind of impressive. They weren't just waving around lightsabres (or glowing salami's as we call them), it resembled real choreographed fancy fencing.
That was me on acid. The camera somehow captured it.
These girls somehow drew the attention of mostly male photographers. I don't remember why.
Still not getting through Leia? Better get an R2 unit.
And this is why the new series will never beat the old one.
He was...tall...a pretty impressive Boba Fett.
Where are the other two?
We love you Pyramid Head!
And I guess that's an Anubis Guard...
Hand up the rear!
Ah crap! I missed "Bikini Leia"!
Couldn't get enough of it. There was this one guy in a great Black Knight (Monty Python) costume, but then the cosplayers stage event began and frankly, I got squashed like a grape.
Okay, I love (most of) the movies, but I'm not a geek. Mini Clone with pony tail, Sandtrooper, Jawa and Sand People person...right?
The surrealism. Sniper and a kimono girl.
I expected more cross-dressing. But there was a guy dressed as Harley Quinn and I didn't get a pic of him. Also, no real Xena's. That one in the back was one, but not a very convincing one.
Mini Robocop! Awesome suit.
It got so damned crowded I kept on missing a good shot of her with her Kid Clone.
It's Kevin Sorbo... This was real crowd crawling around the celeb photo shoot. I just couldn't get Christopher Judge, because I didn't want to piss off the real photographer with my flash.
Games! Bunch of kids playing Left 4 Dead...they just aced it. They were good.
I had no idea what they were supposed to be...but they just offered to pose.
Lego guy?
There's always a Darth Maul...
And I was off!

/ [Cassave]

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2009-10-18 [deeterhi]: Nice pictures. The photo of the girl next next to your Padme photo is Midna from Zelda: Twilight Princess ^^

2009-10-18 [hannes]: only one doctor? o.O i want that outfit.. :P

looks like fun!:) the last picture is great..

2009-10-18 [Cassave]: [deeterhi] That explains it, I never played Zelda. Now at least I can say: not a bad costume 8D

2009-10-18 [Cassave]: [hannes] You'd expect more Doctors wouldn't you? I mean, there's plenty of them to choose from. Or a Cyberman or Sontaran suit, that would be awesome. But it was still is a blast 8D

The last picture got a bit artsy. Four horsemen of the apocalypse with a baby in a push buggy and a yellow balloon. XD

2009-10-18 [Yncke]: Lovely pictures, [Cassave]. It was nice to meet you! :)

2009-10-18 [Cassave]: Thanks [Yncke], 't was nice meeting you too. 8)

2009-10-19 [Sunrose]: Why is there no duo picture? :P

2009-10-19 [Cassave]: [Sunrose]: I know. I just didn't think of it. XB

2009-10-20 [Sunrose]: She made you say that, didn't she? :O

2009-10-20 [Yncke]: I don't think I can make [Cassave] say anything he doesn't want to say. :)

2009-10-20 [Sunrose]: Damn it, I was hoping for the uncovering of the [Yncke] mystery :P

2009-10-20 [Cassave]: The whole convention was a bit overwhelming and I just plain forgot. XB

2009-10-21 [Rye]: That looks like a lot of fun :)Great pictures, and Kevin Sorbo!!! I used to have such a crush on him XP And shame there wasn't a good Xena around. I liked her too ;)

2009-10-21 [Cassave]: It was. I didn't care much for Hercules, but I must admit, when I saw him for real I had an instant man crush. 8D

2009-10-21 [Rye]: I don't blame you there...he's easy on the eyes for sure :D

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