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2013-05-23 23:05:45
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Zomg Eyo's dragons!
Yes, I put a page together just to show off all the freakin dragons I've drawn (that i can still find)













Taking requests if ya want too :)



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2011-12-20 [Eyonic]: added 2 more

2011-12-21 [Fallen Child Athena]: I see all three of the ones I asked for :D

2011-12-21 [Eyonic]: :P of course though i didn't like the background for the blue one so i just put it up without >.> did an aweful blending job on that background...

2011-12-21 [Fallen Child Athena]: I liked it lol

2011-12-21 [Eyonic]: :) I'm glad you did ^.^

2011-12-23 [Fallen Child Athena]: :D In fact I still has it on my laptop^^

2011-12-23 [Eyonic]: :D

2011-12-27 [Fallen Child Athena]: :D See? I loves your work^^

2011-12-28 [Goma]: Still taking requests? or where you ever at all o.o

2011-12-28 [Eyonic]: I still take requests yes :)

2011-12-28 [Goma]: I have a dragon I want you to draw! maybe message me if that sounds peachy or not o.o

2012-10-16 [Stephen]: Wow, you're good at this. I love your Saphira, as well as Ninirya, the one that vaguely reminds me of an Alien from the Aliens movie (looks like it's done in pencil, with a helmet on), the blue dragon with the longer body, and the first one on the page (black angry looking).

Cool looking dragons. x3

2012-10-16 [Eyonic]: so would you like a phoenix or a dragon?

2012-10-16 [Stephen]: xD!

Hm, surprise me? :D 
I like both, so I'd be happy with either one. :)

2012-10-16 [Eyonic]: :) okay

2012-10-27 [Eyonic]: And a random non-dragon :D
Yay aliens!

2013-02-01 [Kbird]: Coolness!XD

2013-03-29 [Eyonic]: oh god i need to update!

2013-04-03 [Fallen Child Athena]: Lol Eyo-san

2013-04-04 [Eyonic]: :0 it looks better now at least

2013-04-07 [Fallen Child Athena]: I love it

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