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This is a story I'm currently working on, I'm far from finished, but I could use some ideas and whatnot here and there...

Eyes Wide Open

*Eyes wide open, and mind reeling*

Anavrin opened her eyes and looked at her twin. She had never understood what it was that had kept her from hitting her all these years. Standing there in her Tommy Hilfiger jeans, and her thirty dollar Ambercrombie and Fitch shirt, she had an air about her that seemingly screamed "I just wanna be popular!"  The annoyance of how often the girl, who looked somewhat like her, and constantly asked mom for more money, opened her mouth to say something along the lines of "Why don't you even try?" or "You expect me to claim you as my sister? In public? Like, no way!" was almost too much to bear at times.

Sure, there had been a time when Dee had actually tried to understand, but it never seemed to hit her that all Anavrin ever wanted was to be left alone. They weren't identical, but there was one or two things that they had in common. The same green eyes, and the same hatred for eachother. After a while, Anavrin got over the fact that she wasn't the only one who hated her sister. Even their own mother had admitted that Dee was annyoing.

"Like, whatta you lookin at, freak?" Dee asked her.

"Haven't figured it out yet. Either a hooker, or a badly dressed maniquin." she started. "That Ambercrombie store must be missing it's entire inventory!" Anavrin fired back. while eating her morning meal. "For fucks' sake, you would think you'd eat something for once... celery... carrots... next thing you know, you'll be puking and calling yourself Calista."

Dee snarled at her. "At least I don't look like I stole my clothes from a corpse... not to mention the makeup." with that, she ate anothe celery stick. Thankfully, the phone rang. Dee reached for the phone (which was something she definately did often). "Hello?" she asked, then got a large grin. "Hey Gavin. What's up?" she asked, rubbing in the fact that the 'hottest guy in school' was calling her. Suddenly, her face turned sour. "Yeah, she's here. Why would you want to talk to her though?!"  She stood there silent, for the first time in her short little life. "Oh, well, fine. Here she is." She looked incrediously at Anavrin. "It's for you."

Anavrin tenitavely reached for the phone. " Do you have any idea what time in the morning it is? Do you randomly call people at 6:30 A.M. ? You have about ten seconds to state your buisness, then I will hang up the phone if I am not interested." she said in mock seriousness.

"Well, " said the voice on the other end.

"Nine... eight..." Anavrin continued.

"I was thinking, that maybe you would want to go over to the teen center tonight with me." Gavin proposed.

"Well, you thought... that's a first. I'm somewhat facinated." she laughed. 

"Hey, there's more to me than looks! I thought maybe you thought that I thought... oh, nevermind." He laughed.

"Nevermind... hmmm... a Nirvana record." she commented.

"She laughed. Now that's creepy." He laughed.

"Someone give this guy the Nobel Prize!" she exclaimed, laughing.

"Okay, okay, I get it, maybe I am just looks!" he laughed. "But anyway, seriously, what about tonight?" he ventured.

"Well, um, I guess I'll have to think about it. I'll get back to you in first block, okay?" she giggled (which, she noticed, was totally out of her nature...).

"Uh, hey, well, at least it seems I've got a chance." he laughed. "I'll talk to you first block." Gavin awnsered. "Bye, Princess."

She hesitated... "Bye, bitch." she laughed and hung up the phone as she heard him say 'Hey!'.


Walking through the door at school, she spotted Gavin, but didn't speak to him. She wouldn't dare do that to him in front of his friends. But for some reason, they were all looking at her. He smiled, waved. and and then waited for her to return the gesture. Tenitavely, she did, but then sped away back to the starewell.

"Hey An!" she heard and turned around.

"Hey Mar! she yelled, spotting Mar at the top of the steps. "You'll never guess what happened this morning... and by the way, Stash called me, last night, and she finally got Shady!" Anavrin yelled back. Reaching the top of the stairs, she flopped down, and picked up Mar's boyfreind, Marsh's guitar.

"Hey!" he said. "Ever think of asking?" Mar shot him a dirty look, and then laughed... as did everyone else within earshot. Anavrin began to play.

"So, what was so importaint that you just had to tell me?" Mar started. "Did you finally get a date from a popular guy? Like, ooh, my gawd girl! You would be like so totally popular! Then you and your sister can like totally have slumber parties and go to Ambercrombie and Fitch!" she exclaimed in her fake valley girl voice.

"Actually, you're not far from the truth. Just wait till first block..." Anavrin started, and headed to her locker.

*If you show up*

She walked into the class, and felt his eyes on her. She went tand sat in the opposite corner, next to the stereo system that Ms. Wallice had a habit of using for her own entertainment (and nobody elses') during school. She looked at him for a split second, hoping he wouldn't catch her.

He was looking. He smiled, got up, walked away from his friends, and sat next to her. "Bitch, eh?" he laughed.

She couldn't help it, she had to smile. "Well, ya know.... " she countered.

"That's cold!" he exclaimed, and the whole class looked at him. He kinda turned red, then got serious again. "But anyway, what about tonight?"

"She kinda smiled, and thought it was sweet. "Well, I'm not sure, you see..." she started, bracing herself for him to say 'nevermind'. "I won't be the one in bed with you on the first date, I hope you know that."

"I know." he awnsered.

She laughed. 'God, he is kinda cute...' she thought.

"No joke dude... I mean, dudette!" Gavin laughed. "So, are you gonna say yes, or are you gonna make me go through the weekend feeling stupid and bummed?"

"Are you guilt tripping me, Gavin?" Anavrin asked.

"Well, how else am I supposed to get a date?" He asked incredulously.

"Well, you do have the looks..." she started.

"...Or so they say, anyway." they finished in unison.

"That's not fair!" She exclaimed....

"What, that I've heard of your little sayings?" He teased, and tried to tug on her pigtails.

"What the hell are you doing? Are we still in second grade or something? Don't touch the pigtails." she chastised.

"You still haven't awnsered me. Quit trying to change the subject." he said, seeing through her charade.

"Drat... My evil plot foiled again!" she exclaimed, then turned brick red when the whole class stared at her. "I guess that all depends on wether or not you show up tonight or not."

"If I show up around maybe.... six?"

"yes, if you show up."

*But... She's a freak!*

She sat at the computer, talking to Mar and Stash again, as usual, while she worked on the latest changes to her website. Her cat, Nebula stood up in her lap and stretched, as she heard a car pull into the driveway. Glancing at the clock on the computer, she realized that it was a quarter to six, and glanced out the window. Sitting in her driveway, was the ugliest truck she had ever seen in her entire life. It was a foreign made truck, with more primer than paint, and about six million stickers, screaming band slogans and skateboard brands. There was no doubt whose truck this is. 

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2008-07-08 [Sweetheart, you're a fucking trainwreck.]: I do like it alot. It's the very type of writing that I, myself do. I adore it so far, and am looking forward to the finishing of it. I did read all of it, up to page 2. And I am going to watch this page so that when you get more done, I can finish the story. :] Bravo and kudos. <3

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