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Here is my character Eyden from the RP Raindrops on Roses

Username : [Eyden13]
Name: Eyden
Age: 17
Birthday: Nov. 23
Rank: Anbu
Physical Description:She has black hair that flows to lower back, in soft curls, that she wears half up and half down, so to keep her hair out of her face. She wears black glasses, making her bright, light blue eys pop out. She is only abouy 5'4", often wears soft black slip on shoes, a black Kimono that goes to right above the knee with blue triming on sleeves and bottom. (Same color as her eyes.) She caries two sias(half swords) as her perferd weapon, but does have the ninja nessesities, and wears her band around her waist.
Personality: She is immensely loyal to her friends, and would never betray them, as a result she on Anbu team that specializes in missing nin, which she is captain of, because she can‘t sand those who betray their friends and family. She is very polite and a bit shy because her father moving her to the edge of the village, in an isolated spot in the forest when her mother died when she was ten. Her mother, a medical nin, would collect gems and unique rock when she went off on a mission, which the collection was passed down to Eyden, who now continues the tradition. Eyden is a book worm that will read anything she can get her hands on, she is even fond of Jiraya’s pervy books. She is great friends with Hinata and Kakashi, who she deeply respects, and goofs around with. Her father, a respected jounin, has taken no interest in his daughter since his wife died, causing Eyden to hold resentment against him and think more of her teachers as parents. Since her father hasn’t been there she spends her holidays with either Hinata, Kakashi, or working. She also is a big drinker, but because of her minor medical jutsus she never gets a hang over. She is usually a calm, and sweat person who has a great sense of humor, but when you get her angry she is a force to be reckoned with.
Likes: Books, Candles, tea/sake, strawberries and gems/unique rocks
Dislikes: wasting time, corn, licorish, missing nin and bugs(they slightly freak her out since she woke up as a child covered inhead to toe by spiders.)
Image(s): Below

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2009-11-22 [Elwyne]: (giggles) Yay! Oh! But would you mind putting artist name at the bottom or something? Not just for me there, but you should keep it mind for the art you get for your other characters.

2009-11-24 [Eyden13]: I though your name was on the bottom. That's strange, I'll fix it.

2009-11-25 [Elwyne]: thanks! Any luck with your new contest yet?

2009-11-26 [Eyden13]: no, not yet, but I haven't really had the chance to spread the word.

2009-11-28 [Elwyne]: ah... well good luck!

2009-11-28 [Eyden13]: Thanks

2010-11-24 [Elwyne]: umm... can't put the chibi version of her up without an edit button... sorry.

2010-11-24 [Eyden13]: try now

2010-11-24 [Elwyne]: Ok done! How's that?

2010-11-25 [Eyden13]: thanks!

2010-11-25 [Elwyne]: you're welcome!

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